D&H Canada and Cisco unveil joint partner enablement program

While many distributor programs tend to be limited term and focused on moving specific products for vendors, this program, a first of its type for D&H, is long-term and focused on providing assistance to help resellers build up their Cisco practice.

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Randy Churchill, Senior Manager, Marketing and Business Development, D&H Canada

Distributor D&H Canada has begun a new partner enablement program, “Cisco PRO” (Partner Revenue Opportunities).

While this is a new program, it is also a new type of vendor program for D&H. Typically their vendor-focused programs, like many vendor programs throughout distribution, are designed to promote and move products and solution which the vendor wants to move in a given month. Such programs also tend to be limited to a defined term. The Cisco PRO program is neither of these.

“This is a unique D&H program we worked with Cisco to create,” said Randy Churchill, Senior Manager, Marketing and Business Development, D&H Canada. “This is designed as an ongoing program, not one of those ‘on again-off again’ programs. We expect to build it out and enhance it each quarter for the foreseeable future.”

Churchill said this program is not oriented around Cisco products, but is designed around the needs of the independent resellers.

“It provides concierge-level assistance for the individual reseller to help them continue to build their Cisco practices,” Churchill said. “Other distributors have similar programs for partners working with top-of-the-line Cisco solutions. We are here offering this at the breadth component, not the top line, working with the small, independent partner community with that high touch model.”

The Cisco PRO program has two tiers, for Cisco Registered and Cisco Select partners, and the program elements vary depending on the tier.

“We will reach out to Registered partners, with an idea to seeing if they want to move up with their Cisco practice, and see if they have the assets in place to build up their practice,” Churchill said. “We will work with independent resellers who are often overlooked.”

D&H will offer Registered Partners hands on- lab and technical training at D&H City Workshops and Boot Camp training venues, some of which are at venues where other distributors often don’t go – Richmond, B.C., for example, instead of Vancouver. They will also offer customized, hands-on business planning consultation. Help will be provided with online certifications. Additional Incentives Rewards will also be provided for attainments.

Cisco Select partners get all these benefits, plus some additional ones.

“They also get exclusive hot line access to Cisco sales engineers,” Churchill said. “We will work with them and prioritize inventory forecasts. Select partners also receive specialized hands-on training and additional incentive rewards points in their specialization which they can redeem.”

Churchill said that D&H hopes that this kind of hands-on support program will attract some new partners working in the markets D&H serves, who are not presently D&H partners.

“If they have not considered D&H for their Cisco needs, we would like them to reach out to us,” he said.


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