Storage Guardian adds real-time analytics in new ConnectWise integration

The new Storage Guardian integration provides real-time data recovery times and recovery point objectives, rather than estimates, which partners can use to offer new services.

The Storage Guardian Estimator Tool

ORLANDO — Toronto-based backup and disaster recovery provider Storage Guardian has announced a new integration for ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Manage. It now provides a robust set of real-time data recovery analytics, which accurately project recovery times and recovery point objectives, rather than use estimates.

Storage Guardian has a deep and long-standing relationship with ConnectWise, and earlier this year. became the first member of the ConnectWise ecosystem whose solutions could be accessed directly from the ConnectWise software, letting MSPs manage them from the same pane of glass. The new integration fills what Storage Guardian President Omry Farujan described as a major gap in backup and recovery solutions.

“This plug-in has a real-time analytics tool to predict recovery time and recovery point objective based on real world data that’s sitting at MSPs’ customer endpoints,” Farujan said. “There are lots of downtime calculators out there, but we are the only one that lets you fill in real world analytical data based on specific sets of backup information, while making sure that it meets customers’ business objectives.”

Farujan said that estimating downtime in recovery situations just doesn’t cut it.

“In technology today, you need to come up with exact information,” he said. “Everybody else does estimates of downtime, while our analytics are based on real backup set information. Estimates are just spinning your finger, and do your customer a disservice.”

The analytics data is something that Storage Guardian always collected, but only used in part.

Omry Farujan, Storage Guardian President

“We just gathered the analytics information and used it to close tickets,” Farujan said. “We then discarded the rest of the analytics. What changed our doing this was ransomware, which created an urgent need to track all the data available because being able to do an effective rollback became as important as offsite protection. When you want to restore data in this way, you want to keep on top of that information.”

Storage Guardian is exclusively focused on ConnectWise among the RMM players.

“We are ConnectWise through and through, and have a ConnectWise Invent [vendor integration] relationship for both Automate and Manage,” Farujan said. “We believe in the ConnectWise story through their plug-ins and APIs and common vision of Web Services.”

Farujan said the new integration creates powerful premium value-add services capabilities for their mutual customers with ConnectWise.

“What we want our partners to do with these real-time analytics is create cloud orchestrations to spin up virtual servers and do a test, document the test and what happened,” he said. “Then six months later do the tests again, take the analytics and make a business proposition based on recovery times with our analytics, and try to sell that to their customers.”

Farujan said that this information lets MSPs validate spinning up servers with this information and testing.

“It’s a value-add service that they can provide,” he indicated. “They can sell testing which the customer can buy weekly or monthly. The MSP can increase their revenue – and can strategically save their customer. We do a recovery a day for our partners’ customers. And if a partner can’t rescue their customers’ data in a timely manner, they will probably get fired.”

“StorageGuardian is a valuable strategic partner of ConnectWise,” said Gavin Gamber, ConnectWise’s VP of Channel Sales and Alliances. “Canada has stricter laws about data security than in the U.S., and they have a data centre there. They offer significant assistance to our partners, and really teach them how to do this properly and how to make more money.”

Storage Guardian is presenting today, June 21, at the Automation Nation event, at 2:15 p.m.