ITBoost looks to challenge IT Glue in MSP documentation space with 3.0 release

ITBoost offers full functionality in documentation, password management, BI and customer feedback through an integrated pane of glass, and is at the ConnectWise IT Nation Connect 2018 event this week looking to differentiate themselves and impress MSPs.

ORLANDO – Dallas-based ITBoost is at the ConnectWise IT Nation Connect 2018 event here this week, promoting the new 3.0 release of their ONE IT documentation system, and looking to interest MSPs in their platform, which provides all their integrated functionality – documentation, password management, business intelligence and customer feedback – in one product, at one price, through a single integrated pane of glass.

“We were an MSP platform for the last decade and we used one platform after another, but it was something that was always lacking,” said Ali Peracha, ITBoost’s CEO. That included older systems like Bizdocs, as well as repurposing of software like SharePoint and Word that was not really designed for that functionality. Now the major player in this space is Vancouver-based IT Glue.

“IT Glue are great guys, but we are smaller and more agile,” Peracha said. “We wanted to have a single pane of glass handle all the different aspects of functionality, with BI, password management and customer feedback as well as documentation. IT Glue integrates to provide these things, but you still have to pay for these other platforms. We have one platform, that provides a holistic view of everything in one screen, that integrates with ConnectWise, Autotask and [Solarwinds] N-Central. Kaseya is on the road map for the next month or so.”

ITBoost originally launched the 1.0 version of their product at IT Nation 2016. At that time, it was limited to documentation.

Ali Peracha, ITBoost’s CEO

“We introduced 2.0 last year at IT Nation 2017, when we added customer feedback, BI and password management, to complete all the core functions,” Peracha said. “Now at IT Nation 2018, we are launching 3.0. It has a new user interface which is easier to navigate and which has a Dark Mode feature for techs working at night that makes it easier on their eyes. We also enhanced the graphics, based on partner feedback.”

ITBoost 3.0 also ramps up security.

“The additional security features include more granular permissions to control who can access or change the data,” Peracha said. It also has full ability to track and revise changes, and reverse course back to a previous point of time.

“Performance has also been enhanced, and we have also moved onto the AWS infrastructure,” Peracha added.

ITBoost’s sweet spot is the 10 to 30 user market, but Peracha said that they also have one-man shops and 200 user ones. They now have approximately 300 MSP partners.

Peracha said that IT Boost has now reached the stage of its development where it can pursue a more aggressive strategy in the market.

“Until now, we have focused on building out the product,” he said. “Now we are expanding. We are looking at working with OEM partners. We have had multiple conversations with different vendors.” Nothing has been signed yet, but Peracha said their prospects are good.

They are also getting more aggressive on the marketing front.

“We have three plans. Our core documentation offering, which also includes password functionality, is $17 per user per month. Our Plus plan adds customer feedback, and costs $27 per user per month, and Premium adds Business Intelligence for $37 a month.

“Direct comparisons to IT Glue aren’t always ideal, because it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, but their Enterprise plan is $39 per user per month, while ours is $17,” Peracha said. “We used to have a minimum seat requirement with 2.0 but with 3.0 we have taken it out. We also have no activation fees, which competitors do. We offer month to month options, 12 month options, and one where if you pay up front for the whole year, you get a better price. With 3.0 we are also introducing a new free 30-day trial feature, which replaces a 30-day money-back guarantee that we had before.” For MSPs who need further assistance, ITBoost offers paid consulting and paid training.

ITBoost is also offering a special show price at the event. They have a breakout session at 230 Thursday afternoon where they will demo the 3.0 release. They can be found at Booth 711.