Xinuos launches modernization of SCO OpenServer with OpenServer 10

Xinuos, which purchased SCO’s UNIX server products, is now releasing an entirely new version of the OS, hoping that leveraging market conditions and fond memories of the legacy SCO product will lead non-legacy customers and partners to look past damage to the brand done by SCO’s management in its later years.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise stresses SMB, channel commitment with new releases

For partners, the most interesting thing here may be the Small Business Marketplace e-commerce platform, an explicitly channel-focused online site, rather than a direct-to-customer site that competes with partners. It’s in pilot now in the U.S., but when it will be in Canada is not yet clear.

Savision releases new HTML5-based dashboarding tool for Microsoft System Center

Savision, a Dutch company who makes business service and cloud management solutions for Microsoft System Center, but whose R&D is mainly in Canada, has released a new dashboarding tool for System Center Operations Manager aimed at more technical users, which complements their flagship Live Maps solution