Celebrating Avaya’s Partners of Excellence in Canada: Recognizing innovation and growth

Ian Purdell-Lewis, vice president of channels at Avaya Canada

In today’s technology industry, partnerships are key to driving innovation and fostering growth. Avaya recently honored its five most outstanding partners in Canada for their exemplary performance and dedication to excellence. Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable companies and the achievements that earned them recognition for their innovation, growth, and commitment to customer satisfaction through their partnership with Avaya.

Partner of the Year: TELUS

TELUS, a telecommunications powerhouse with a diverse portfolio spanning healthcare, agriculture, and customer experience, emerged as the chosen Canada Partner of the Year. Through decades of experience collaborating with Avaya, TELUS has established itself as a leading partner, catering to some of the largest enterprise and public sector entities in Canada. Notably, TELUS achieved the highest revenue among Canadian partners while delivering impressive double-digit revenue growth. Their innovative solutions are tailored to meet market needs and have been instrumental in driving substantial business growth and solidifying their position as an industry innovator.

Growth Partner of the Year: Netagen

Netagen, with over two decades of industry expertise, was named the Canada Growth Partner of the Year. Renowned for prioritizing client needs and offering innovative, flexible, and personalized services, Netagen has earned a reputation as one of our trusted partners in the telecommunications arena. Their leadership in delivering Next Generation 911 (NG9-1-1) services across Canada underscores their commitment to advancing technology for the benefit of wider communities. With the greatest revenue growth among Avaya partners in Canada, Netagen continues to help empower businesses with cutting-edge solutions.

Mid-market Partner of the Year: Network Telecom

Network Telecom has a steadfast commitment to delivering quality service, which helped earn them the honor of Canada Mid-market Partner of the Year. With a rich history dating back to 1979, Network Telecom has evolved into the largest mid-market partner in Canada. Their expertise in helping power communication systems for education reflects their dedication to providing reliable solutions tailored to specific industry needs. Through their focus on service excellence, Network Telecom has earned the trust of numerous clients, further solidifying their position as a leader in the mid-market segment.

Growth Mid-Market Partner of the Year: Minitel Communications

Minitel Communications, a stalwart in the Ottawa region for over three decades, is named the Canada Growth Mid-Market Partner of the Year. Known for their exceptional service and customer-centric approach, Minitel saw remarkable triple-digit growth of its Mid-Market solution sales in 2023. With a diverse customer base of government agencies, healthcare institutions, educational facilities, and businesses of all sizes, Minitel continues to help deliver innovative solutions tailored to address evolving communication needs.

Retention Partner of the Year: Connex Telecommunications

Connex Telecommunications, founded in 1996, emerged as the Canada Retention Partner of the Year. Recognized for their expertise in customer experience and a robust national footprint, Connex has maintained a steadfast focus on customer satisfaction, growth, and innovation. Their ability to retain the largest number of Avaya customers in Canada underscores their commitment to delivering exceptional service and forging lasting relationships with clients.

Avaya’s partners in Canada exemplify the spirit of innovation, excellence, and customer-centricity that defines the telecommunications industry. Their collective achievements not only showcase their expertise in driving growth and delivering cutting-edge solutions, but also highlight the role of partnerships in shaping the future of digital communications. As we celebrate these partners and their accomplishments, Avaya looks forward to continued collaboration and innovation across the partner ecosystem to deliver first-class experiences to our customers.

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