The Avaya Experience Platform: Where stability meets possibility 

Omar Javaid, Chief Product Officer, Avaya

Evolving through innovation is crucial for driving business growth, but the path to transformation can become a steep incline that runs fuel tanks to empty. This is especially true for large enterprises working to effectively balance their cloud journey with strategic investments in existing on-premises systems. 

The trade-off between innovation and disruption is strenuous, but enterprises can’t let their engines run idle. Is there a way to seamlessly integrate current communications and collaboration systems with cloud services to preserve what works while fueling advancements in AI, advanced analytics, and automation — to deliver better customer and employee experiences? Avaya Experience Platform answers this call. 

What is Avaya Experience Platform? 

At a time when unforeseen innovation challenges have more enterprises swerving than accelerating, Avaya Experience Platform is a cloud-based solution that makes it fast and simple for companies to incorporate new functionality into their existing infrastructure on an incremental basis. This platform drives Avaya’s “Innovation without Disruption” approach, which eliminates the need for the ‘rip and replace’ tactics that cause business regression and a significant loss in business performance. 

How Will My Organization Tangibly Benefit?

Avaya Experience Platform addresses key capability gaps and fosters innovation seamlessly while armoring an enterprise’s existing competencies. Moreover, an integrated ecosystem creates the flexible CX infrastructure enterprises need and paves a clear path to sustainable transformation.  We see this approach as the path to success across three areas essential for any business: 

Customer experience: Deliver CX capabilities from a single platform whether it’s deployed on-prem, in the private cloud, or in the public cloud.

  • Elevate customer experiences with AI-driven self-service, guided live engagements, and seamless digital access. 
  • Design effortless CX that flows across multiple touchpoints with customer journey orchestration – using digital inbound and outbound to meet your customers on their channels of choice.
  • Drive CX improvements and business efficiencies simultaneously with an AI virtual agent that talks, listens, contextually understands, and provides self-help solutions for common problems – with the option to escalate to a human if needed.

Employee experience: Get powerhouse tools to create the ultimate team of CX pros, ensuring fast access to experts both on-site and remote. 

  • Put the power of AI in agents’ hands. Have AI “mine” conversations to equip agents with the info they need right when they need it, transcribe and translate in real-time, complete automated wrap-ups, and much more. 
  • Fuel performance with deep visibility into agent activity across devices, end-to-end quality management automation, and continuous monitoring and measuring of customer interactions. 
  • Leave no agent behind – break barriers that keep at-home workers disconnected and open the floodgates to new levels of productivity and efficiency. 

Business growth: Gradually embrace state-of-the-art innovations to cushion the impacts of business risk and disruption. 

  • Instantly ramp-up new proactive business-generating campaigns in a fraction of the time it used to take, using inbound and outbound capabilities leveraging the cloud.
  • Accelerate the metrics you care about most, without having to modify complex workflows or models behind the scenes.
  • Enhance optimization while unlocking new possibilities without risking continuity – the CX enterprise sweet spot.

In conclusion, as enterprises pursue their strategy to achieve superior CX, it’s imperative for organizations to take a close look at what makes the most sense for them as they transform their operations to meet customer needs through AI, automation, analytics, and other advanced capabilities. This not only enables them to accelerate innovation without disruption – but also leverages existing investments for enhanced value. The Avaya Experience Platform provides a foundation to pursue these goals, helping organizations maintain stability, while expanding what’s possible in customer service operations.

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