Major new HPE NVIDIA partnerships highlight HPE Discover

NVIDIA makes scores of partnerships with other vendors, but the ones that were just announced at the HPE Discover event were of supreme importance for both companies heading forward.

LAS VEGAS  – HPE recently made history by holding the first ever industry conference in the relatively new Sphere arena in Las Vegas. The three story venue  was packed solid with HPE staffers, customers and partners, most of whom appreciated the additional special effects imparted to HP CEO Antonio Neri’s keynote While Neri provided an overview of how Pure has been evolving its business model to meet the requirements of customers in an AI-driven environment, what most attendees found the exciting part of the event came later, when Neri was joined onstage by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, and the two CEOs announced some very important new joint partnerships.

“Where the human mind is in contact with AI,  there is nothing we can not do together,” Neri announced at the start of the keynote. “We are transforming HPE into an entirely new company. We have propelled our edge innovation forward. We all must be purpose-driven and we need AI we can trust. It is tempting to run into AI at any cost, but that is dangerous. HPE is a complete AI solution for your enterprise, regardless of the size.”

Neri then reviewed several cases where customers had made effective use of HPE AI technology as well as HPE’s strengths in the AI market, such as being at the forefront of liquid cooling, and having four of the top ten supercomputers in the world. He also pointed out the market opportunity by noting that today, only 7% of customers can access data in real time.

The big news from the keynote, and for that matter from the event, took place when NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang took the stage with Neri and the two men made multiple joint announcements of significance.

“Between us and HPE we will turn you into a world class AI cloud,” Huang said. “This is a massive and complicated AI solution which allows us to take something unique to customers.”

HPE Private Cloud AI, a key new announcement,  delivers a unique, cloud-based experience to accelerate innovation and return on investment while managing enterprise risk from AI. It provides: support for inference, fine-tuning, and RAG AI workloads that utilize proprietary data; enterprise control for data privacy, security, transparency, and governance requirements;  cloud experience with ITOps and AIOps capabilities to increase productivity, and a fast path to consume flexibly to meet future AI opportunities and growth.

“Private Cloud AI is our deepest integration to date,  delivered as one integrated software stack out of the box,” Neri said. “This makes everything easy for you. It’s just a rack or two to set up.”

“All of the complexity in the technology is hidden from you,” Huang added. “We’ve been sitting on a mountain data. For the very first time, we can digitize it and turn it into corporate AI.”

Also new is ‘NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE,’ a portfolio of co-developed AI solutions and joint go-to-market integrations that enable enterprises to accelerate adoption of generative AI. It offers a self-service cloud experience enabled by HPE GreenLake cloud. Through a single, platform-based control plane, HPE GreenLake cloud services provide manageability and observability to automate, orchestrate and manage endpoints, workloads, and data across hybrid environments. This includes sustainability metrics for workloads and endpoints.

“These can be offered as a self-managed offering, or as a managed service,” Neri stated.

In addition, OpsRamp’s IT operations are now integrated with HPE GreenLake cloud to deliver observability and AIOps to all HPE products and services. OpsRamp now provides observability for the end- to- end NVIDIA accelerated computing stack, including NVIDIA NIM and AI software, NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs, and AI clusters as well as NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand and NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet switches. IT administrators can gain insights to identify anomalies and monitor their AI infrastructure and workloads across hybrid, multi-cloud environments.

The new OpsRamp operations copilot utilizes NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform to analyze large datasets for insights with a conversational assistant, boosting productivity for operations management. OpsRamp will also integrate with CrowdStrike APIs so customers can see a unified service map view of endpoint security across their entire infrastructure and applications.

“The  era  of GenA1 is here, and you must engage the most consequent technology in history,” Huang concluded. “Our partnership with HPE and its joint Go-to-Market makes it possible to bring this to every customer in the world.”