Windows Server Explained Power by Intel® Xeon® Series: Dell’s differentiation

An in-depth discussion between:

  • Kirk Sinclair, Partner Sales Executive, OEM team (DPSS), Microsoft Canada
  • Delvin Norris, Distribution Account Executive, Intel Corporation
  • Ryan Leyden, Product Specialist, Dell Technologies

Dell’s 15th gen PowerEdge servers take full advantage of Intel’s 3rd gen Xeon scalable processor. There are three features that make them stand out over previous iterations.

Firstly, they’re purpose-built for AI and next-generation workloads that require more computing horsepower.

Second, they’re more secure. Security is a major issue these days, so Dell has addressed this by tightening up security as much as possible on their 15th gen PowerEdge.

And thirdly, they provide automated systems management. Getting servers to scale with your organization has been a challenge for many. Dell has made deployment simple, and human error all but eliminated with this new system.

Dell also factory pre-installs the operating system, Windows Server 2019, and then builds a complete delivered solution.

Value advantages for resellers with a fully stood up Dell server

Dell offers what they term ‘mass customization’. Dell ships exactly what you need directly to your end customers to avoid the timely process of hardware integration. To take it step further, they provide you with the OEM license for Windows Server pre-installed, so you don’t even have to worry about the operating system step.

Dell’s Current Top-Selling Server

The R640 is Dell’s mainstream server. In the 15th generation, they’ve added an access line, and a lot of differentiation through Intel’s powerful new 3rd gen Xeon that enables a light experience for users with intensive needs.

Tailor-Made: Dell’s Aggressive Discount Program

Tailor Made offers upfront discounts on custom servers (and even low-end storage and IDPA products) across the board. That means no matter what configuration you choose, you’ll get the same percentage right off the top of the total price. For resellers, this is an excellent opportunity.

This actually stacks to the registration too. If you’re in a competitive situation against another vendor, it’s easy to use the Tailor Made program to get a competitive out-the-door price.

Additionally, Dell provides a complete support solution by connecting you with their Microsoft engineering team for any software related issues.

To get started, simply reach out to [email protected] and let him know what you need. Alternatively, if you want to go through the configuration yourself from start to finish, you can use the online solutions configurator which is available through the partner portal.

Intel’s Points Program

The Intel Partner Alliance gives you points for every Dell product you buy with Intel inside. These programs can make you more competitive in highly competitive bid situations, so knowing how to leverage them is important.

Sign up at, and you’ll also have access to Intel’ solutions marketplace, a very valuable partner resource.

Leverage Ingram Micro as your distributor

Ingram is a great aggregator for point programs. If you’re making your purchases through Ingram Micro, they can help deliver your orders while making sure you’re getting all of the points you’re eligible for.

You can even bring Ingram’s Mike Robertson on sales calls directly.

Get in touch with Ingram Micro today to find out more about how you can leverage all of the reseller benefits available to you.

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