Addigy, Acronis announce integration to bring multi-tenanted Apple management to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

The integration, Addigy’s first around Windows-level license management, was made in advance of next week’s Acronis customer event.

Miami-based Addigy, which makes multi-tenanted management software for all types of Apple devices and sells it through an MSP channel, has got out in front of the Acronis CyberFit event being held in Miami next week by announcing the integration of their cloud-based Apple device management platform with the Acronis CyberProtect Cloud.

“This integration will allow Acronis users to seamlessly secure and monitor their Windows and Apple devices in one pane of glass,” said Jason Dettbarn, Addigy’s founder and CEO. “It will be the first place where they can see security postures for all their devices.”

The market for macOS in the SMB and the midmarket continues to grow, and Dettbarn stressed that Addigy’s technology contains some benefits that make it much easier for corporate IT to work with Apples.

“It’s a Microsoft world, a Zero Trust compliance world, and it starts with identity log in,” he said. “Addigy provides identity log in for Apple that is unique in the market. Previous to this, you couldn’t do this kind of identity log-in with Apple, so as a result, Apple could not be first class citizens. Now they can, and this has stimulated adoption.”

Acronis, like all the vendors in its space, has been relatively late to market around Apple. Their first Apple integration was with Jamf, a competitor of Addigy, which was announced in July of this year. Dettbarn believes that the presence on Jamf on the Acronis platform won’t serve as an obstacle to Addigy’s expansion there among MSPs, because Addigy is simply a better product for the MSP market.

ason Dettbarn, Addigy’s founder and CEO

“We are the only multi-tenanted platform for Apple management, the only way MSPs, and enterprises, can manage all of their customers with consistency and scale,” he said. “MSPs and enterprises who use Jamf will typically have 10-12 instances of Jamf running because of its lack of multi-tenancy. The depth of our integration with the Acronis platform is also deeper than it is for Jamf.”

While Addigy has many strategic integrations with other vendors, this is the first of this particular type.

“We have a lot of different integrations in the PSA world for things like ticketing and monitoring,” Dettbarn indicated. “This is the only integration, however, that gets into Windows level license management.”

The integration handles simple configuration, allowing the leverage of standard macOS enrollment and configuration policies. A special script enables automatic download of the latest Acronis installer as appropriate for the macOS architecture and operating system in question.

Once configuration is done, the MSP can deploy Acronis’ cyber protection agent remotely from one centralized location. The protection supports both Intel and M1 devices. A default protection plan for all macOS devices under the MSP’s Addigy account, can be defined, or ones can be customized for specific clients. MSPs can also choose and configure the Acronis Facts you wish to monitor, and receive synchronized alerts all from one centralized location.

“We see this as a long- term partnership as they continue to grow out their security capabilities, Dettbarn said. “NVM [Node Version Manager] is an absolute requirement for doing any security on the Mac.”