Commvault continues deepening strategic alliances with extension of HPE relationship to StoreOnce

Commvault is making several extremely significant strategic partnership announcements at their GO event. The one with HPE extends an existing relationship, so in terms of new business, may not be as significant in terms of new revenues, but it is still important as clear statement of their go-to-market strategy.

Don Foster, Commvault’s Senior Director of Worldwide Solutions Marketing

NASHVILLE — Commvault, which has made strategic go-to-market relationships with other major technology vendors a key part of their strategy over the last year, has extended their relationship with Hewlett Packard Enterprise [HPE] one of those major vendors. Building on earlier initiatives with HPE over the last year, Commvault has announced full integration between Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery Software and HPE StoreOnce deduplication systems, including integration with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst. Commvault is also now available through HPE’s GreenLake flexible consumption as-a-service model. The announcements were made at the Commvault GO 2018 customer conference here.

“Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery Software reflects how we have repackaged between 40 and 50 different SKUs into four SKUs, including this single one for backup and recovery,” said Don Foster, Commvault’s Senior Director of Worldwide Solutions Marketing. This single SKU integrated with HPE StoreOnce lets Commvault manage StoreOnce’s full lifecycle of data management operations.

HPE is a long-time Commvault partner, but more recently Commvault has opened up two new routes to market through HPE which have strong go-to-market opportunities.

“One is through HPE GreenLake, and its flexible consumption model,” Foster said.

“HPE GreenLake lets you source backup as a service,” said Patrick Osborne, VP and GM, Big Data and Secondary Storage, at HPE. This week, in partnership with Commvault, we launched GreenLake backup-as-a-service. We can now provide Commvault solutions in one bucket on a pay-per-use basis. A lot of customers are moving to as-a-service outcomes, and we can deliver this with Commvault this week through our partnership.”

“The other, which we announced in March, is through the HPE Complete program,” Foster said. HPE Complete primarily – but not exclusively – engages startup companies to provide solutions which fit specific swimlanes that fill gaps in HPE offerings, and incorporate them within the HPE go-to-market model.

“HPE Complete is well suited for us because their HPE Data Protector product is long in the tooth,” Foster said. “Customers still using that old school product can use Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery to provide them with a modern solution, with access into the cloud.”

Foster stressed that this partnership allows Commvault to back up the broad HP portfolio

“We can tie into all their technology from 3PAR and Nimble to their hyperscale – and now into StoreOnce,” he said.

The joint solution from Commvault and HPE includes support for low bandwidth mode, source-side, deduplication that reduces redundant data, minimizes automated movement of data to lower cost storage as data ages based on user-defined policies, and includes support for synthetic, full backups using Catalyst Clone. Its cloud backup capability is delivered by HPE Cloud Bank Storage.

“This growing partnership with HPE, alongside our partnership with Cisco, and now our newly-announced partnership with NetApp, gives us joint solutions that are tightly optimized with their data fabric,” Foster concluded. “It also gives us three partners who compete with Dell EMC.”