Dell EMC upgrades low end of Data Domain portfolio with cloud-friendly DD 3300

The Dell EMC DD3300 replaces the DD2200 in the Data Domain lineup, providing the ROBO-SME part of the market with an offering that features full cloud capability as well as upgraded capacity.

The DD3300’s positioning within the Data Domain portfolio

Today, Dell EMC is introducing the Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300, a new 2U platform aimed at the remote office/branch office [ROBO] deployments of larger organizations, as well as small to mid-range data centres.

The DD3300 is a replacement for the DD2200, which was introduced in 2014 and also targeted this specific market. The DD2200 showed its age, however, in one key aspect. It was not designed for the cloud.  The DD3300 overcomes that liability, and gives the Data Domain low-end appliance market much more flexible positioning in today’s hybrid data centre environments.

“The DD2200 has been a successful product for us,” said Richa Dhanda, Director of Product Marketing for Data Protection at Dell EMC. “The DD3300 has more capacity. But the real upgrade is to its cloud capability, and the ability to tier deduplicated data natively to the cloud. The DD2200 didn’t have this cloud capability at all. The DD3300 greatly expands the scope of the appliance for today’s customer who wants to be able to leverage the cloud.”

Richa Dhanda, Director of Product Marketing for Data Protection at Dell EMC

The DD3300 is able to leverage Data Domain Cloud Tier, natively tiering deduplicated data to the cloud without the need for either a separate cloud gateway or a virtual appliance. It can send twice the capacity of its active tier to the cloud, enabling management of up to 4.8 PB of logical capacity from a single appliance.

“The DD3300 is purpose-built for these smaller to midsize environments, to provide them with enterprise-grade data protection,” Dhanda said. “It is so elegant that it eliminates the need for a separate cloud-based appliance by enabling cloud disaster recovery on its own. You also do not need separate disaster recovery data centres with this cloud capability.”

The DD3300 supports a wide cloud ecosystem, including Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage [ECS], Virtustream Storage Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud Object Storage and Ceph Object Storage.

Dhanda said that the DD3300 also offers a significantly better ROI than its predecessor.

“The DD3300 also offers a significant reduction in bandwidth,” Dhanda said. Dell EMC claims an average data reduction rate of 10-55x – a significant jump over its predecessor which claimed 10-30x reduction. This will result in considerable WAN bandwidth savings as well as greater scalability for additional improved ROI. The DD3300 is also able to offer multi-site scalability with Data Domain Replicator, to provide fast, encrypted replication from remote offices to the central data centre.

The DD3300 will be a strong channel product, particularly as it tends to line up with parts of the market served by the legacy Dell commercial channel.

“We think that the go-to-market will reflect the use cases in the different segments of the market,” Dhanda said. “The enterprise business will take it to the ROBO market, and the commercial business will focus on the SMB.”

The DD3300 is available now.