Dell announces major software update to Wyse virtualization portfolio

For the channel, the sexiest thing here is likely Wyse Converter for PCs, which turns existing PCs into VDIs, and will be useful in Windows 7 migrations.

The Wyse Easy Setup console

Dell has announced a broad series of updates to their Wyse thin client software and tools. They include an upgrading of the Wyse ThinOS to expand protocol for Citrix, Microsoft and VMware virtualization brokers, an upgrade to the Wyse Management Suite to address the needs of Wyse Device Management customers, a new Converter for PCs to turn older PCs into thin clients, and a new Wyse Easy Setup tool to save admins time.

“We think this is the most extensive single software update we have ever done,” said Casey Gotcher, Director of Global Product Marketing – Cloud Client Computing at Dell. “This involves a substantial OS update and upgrade to the management suite, as well as two new products.”

The Wyse ThinOS software adds new support for all three major protocols: Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.

For Citrix, Wyse has upgraded the HDX RealTime Media Engine and added major audio sub-system enhancement, including secondary ringer support, as well as new two-factor authentication and SMS Passcode support through Citrix NetScaler.

“We think that the new audio ringer support is the big addition here,” Gotcher said.

Microsoft RDP10 support has been enhanced with higher image quality and readability using existing hardware encoders and decoders, For VMware, a hardware accelerator has been added for the VMware Blast Extreme Protocol, which will make a significant difference in video and graphic quality in some use cases.

“Of all of these protocol enhancements, I think the VMware hardware accelerator stands out the most,” Gotcher said. “Previously, we did this through software only. In a standard desktop configuration, it won’t make that much difference, especially when single tasking is involved. It will, however, make a big difference in slow motion video and anything with a lot of CPU use.”

The Wyse Management Suite, unveiled last year at Citrix Synergy, has been upgraded with a 1.1 version.

“We used to have a Wyse Device Management for on-prem and a Cloud Manager, and we brought them together in the Wyse Management Suite,” Gotcher said, “We also added a mobile option which is unique in thin client management, and which notifies a tech of an issue with a phone alert. So we have this on-prem, cloud and mobile client management, all through the same pane of glass. However, in the original version, the on-prem capability was really for net-new customers. Existing ones continued to use Wyse Device Managament because we didn’t’ yet have a good way to migrate them. The 1.1 version adds an Import Tool that does this,”

The other major enhancement to the management solution is what Wyse calls Remote Shadow.

“This is the other exciting aspect of the enhancements here,” Gotcher said. “It lets an IT admin take control of a thin client session, no matter where the endpoint is located.”

Wyse Converter for PCs is a new tool, designed to convert PCs running Windows 7 or 10 into thin clients.

“This is aimed at customers who have been using traditional PCs, but who are considering a thin client strategy,” Gotcher said. “Wyse Converter for PCs lets them take an older PC and turn it into a virtual thin client. This isn’t a new concept, but tools that do this typically replace the Windows OS with Linux. That destroys the old OS, and in addition, Linux still does not have the same level of driver support as Windows.”

Wyse Converter for PCs will run on any hardware.

“As long as it’s Windows 7 or Windows 10, we can support it,” Gotcher said. “The $79 per device per year cost extends the life of the PC, and also includes Dell ProSupport.” It comes with a 45 day free trial, and since the old OS is not destroyed, if the customer doesn’t want it, they can just revert back.

Gotcher noted that this package of software releases has things that appeal to different groups, and indicated that this is the one most likely to resonate with Dell sales people and the channel.

“This tool is valuable for them, because of their Windows 7 migration business,” he said.

Finally, the new Wyse Easy Setup tool provides for quick and easy configuration.

“This is something for the IT admins, and will really make their day,” Gotcher said. “It gives admins a nice easy tool to determine settings and apps that users can have access to, and includes a kiosk mode where they can lock it down, with only designated applications allowed.”

ThinOS 8.5 will be available in the first quarter of calendar 2018.

Wyse Management Suite 1.1 is available now.

Wyse Converter for PCs will be available in late February 2018.

Wyse Easy Setup is available now as a free download on and will be embedded in new hardware introductions later in 2018.