LogicNow brings Big Data into managed services with LogicCards

Alistair Forbes, general manager of LogicNow

Alistair Forbes, general manager of LogicNow

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD — LogicNow is beginning to introduce predictive analytics into its managed service stack with the introduction of what it calls LogicCards, notifications that can appear in its RMM console and use both specific data for the MSP and customer as well as aggregate data from across LogicNow’s collective customer base.

Introduced at the company’s Max 2015 conference here, the company says LogicCards will be “a game changer” in the managed services space because of its ability to tap into the broad massive pool of data collected by the vendor. According to Alistair Forbes, general manager of LogicNow, that amounts to 60,000 engineers at 12,000 MSPs around the world, with 175,000 networks under management, two million endpoints, and 12 billion e-mails handled.

“This has the potential to transform the ways we with with you and the way you run your business,” Forbes said.

LogicCards present a variety of bits of information and in some cases suggested actions to MSPs based on what’s observed on the networks they manage versus collective details of all of the customers of LogicNow’s MSP customers. The goal is to take raw data from across those millions of devices and “transform it not into just analytics, but into instantly-actionable knowledge that can very quickly add value to your business and allow you to do your job better, said Dana Bullister, data scientist at LogicNow.

Examples showed at Max include the simple: notifications of endpoints on a managed network that don’t have antimalware installed, and the more complex: a card that displays machine and OS age for an MSP’s customer versus the combined averages for the SMB community managed by LogicNow customers. Another card shows how fast an MSP is patching clients’ systems compared to the industry average.

The system learns what MSPs find useful over time, with those that an MSP interacts with being moved up in prominence, while those that are dismissed without being viewed no longer being displayed over time.

Today, many of the examples are informative — presenting data to the client and suggesting a course of actions and perhaps even a mechanism for the MSP to take that course of action. But ultimately, Forbes described LogicCards as presenting much more “automated analytics” in the form of the popular Web app “If This Then That.”

“If this happens again, do what you’ve suggested, and let me know that you’ve done it,” Forbes suggested as a future course of action that can be offered by LogicCards.

LogicNow director of community David Sobel said that with LogicCards, the company has “just added a big data analytics team to each and every one of your businesses.”

LogicCards are available now to MSPs using the LogicNow stack, and can be added to the LogicNow dashboard by visiting logiccards.com/onboard. Once enabled, LogicCards viewable on the Web-based RMM console, via a Chrome browser extension, or via Android and iOS apps.