Netenrich bolsters security credentials with new Attack Surface Intelligence offering and free global threat intelligence feed

Knowledge Now, the free global threat intelligence tool, is designed to provide actionable intelligence, while Attack Surface Intelligence provides a hacker’s view of the customer’s environment, and indicating problem areas and how to fix them.

Sonrai Security extends enterprise identity platform with new Governance Automation Engine

Sonrai uses workflow and role-based swimlanes to address identity and workload-related issues by automatically routing actions to cloud, security, audit or DevOps teams, or deploy remediation bots to address the issue, with the customer being able to determine how they want things handled.

Cyberthreat landscape changes to meet new business normal of Work From Home: SonicWall

Unsurprisingly, cybercriminals have evolved their tactics to better exploit the home-based work environments most organizations have moved to during the pandemic. The result has been changes like more (and more expensive) ransomware, increasing targeting of Microsoft Office files by cybercriminals, and increased use of non-standard ports for attacks.