SaaS Alerts releases Fortify tool to improve Microsoft’s secure scores for MSPs

Fortify, which is now part of Saas Alerts’ Manage module, lets MSPs improve their customers’ Microsoft secure scores and overall security posture, and saves them much time by allowing hordes of clients to properly configure their systems with a single click.

Jim Lippie, SaaS Alerts’ CEO

SaaS Alerts, a cybersecurity company which makes a platform with a rules engine purpose-built for MSPs, has added Fortify, a new tool which expedites the application of Microsoft security recommendations to streamline how MSPs configure and secure Microsoft 365 tenants.

SaaS Alerts, whose software hit General Availability at the beginning of 2021, has seen strong momentum since then. They have supplemented their original solution, Manage, with two others, Report and Remediate. They have also significantly expanded their partner base from the days when they had 10 MSPs in their beta.

“We are seeing continued significant growth,” said Jim Lippie, SaaS Alerts’ CEO. “We now have over 800 MSP partners at this point, and monitor over 1.2 million accounts. The traction continues. We released our Unify functionality in April, which combines cross-user behavior from RMMs together with our information.”

Kaseya remains a key RMM for them.

“Events are our primary source of leads, and some of the best ones we have are Kaseya events,” Lippie said. “We monitor three Kaseya products, including VSA, Datto and IT Glue.”

Fortify is not a SaaS alerts module of its own, but is new configuration management functionality within the Manage module.

“When the MSP sets up a new tenant, they will configure that tenant, and Microsoft provides what is termed a secure score on that,” Lippie stated. “There are some limitations on this configuration score, because there are some tiers you can’t get to with a Microsoft 365 Basic License. What we do with Fortify is do an assessment of MSP customers’ tenants. We look at their score and actions to increase that score, and with a couple of clicks, we can apply it to 1000 organizations all at once. For the MSP, it’s a massive labour savings.”

Lippie also said that it reduces risk for the end customer, and by extension, the MSP.

“Bearing in mind that nothing is bulletproof, it still mitigates your risk,” he indicated. “Once you do things to improve your score, you continue to mitigate your risk of being compromised.”

The Fortify tool has other features as well.

“It automates action across multiple tenants at once,” Lippie said. In addition, Fortify lets an MSP take a customer’s Microsoft secure score and benchmark it against similar-sized companies. This allows the MSP to evaluate a customer’s security posture relative to its industry peers.

“There are companies out there with single products with single products to certify, but we are the only one who combine it with all our other functionality,” Lippie added. “We have six different feature sets, and we are the only company on the planet that does all this for MSPs. Now with Fortify, we can assess and improve Microsoft 365 alerts with better configuration.”

Existing partners will get a bargain on their pricing for Fortify.

“Existing partners will have an opportunity to include this within their existing price point,” Lippie said. “As of October 1, it will be sold as an add-on, and the price won’t go up on October 1, or for the partner’s full term of agreement.”