TIBCO to roll out new Partner to Partner program in Q4

At the partner keynote during the TIBCO NOW event,TIBCO also previewed a variety of other changes that will be coming to the program and its partner enablement resources over the next year.

Tony Beller, Senior Vice President Worldwide Partner Ecosystem and OEM Sales at TIBCO

On Tuesday at their TIBCO NOW2021 virtual event, TIBCO Software held their 2021 partner keynote, around the theme of Limitless Partnering, itself an extension of the general ‘Limitless’ theme that TIBCO has adopted for this year’s event.

“Limitless partnering means solving the most challenging data problems, together with our partners,” said Tony Beller, Senior Vice President Worldwide Partner Ecosystem and OEM Sales at TIBCO. He gave several examples of this, including a deal that was done with global systems integrator partner KPMG, working with one of the largest shipping companies in Europe.

“Their data was siloed,” Beller said. “With KPMG, we brought all the data together and created the insights to run their business together.”

Beller reminded his channel audience that at the start of 2021, TIBCO rolled out a new partner program, one of whose goals was to bring a diverse set of channel partners together more effectively.

“As part of that, we created the Partner Solutions Showcase, and partners began to partner with other partners to create more holistic solutions,” he noted. Their major channel announcement around this year’s TIBCO NOW is a formal program designed to encourage and extend these partner-to-partner relationships.

“We are announcing today a program to invite you to partner with partners to build more complete solutions,” Beller stated. This is the P2P program.

The P2P program is scheduled to launch in Q4.

“This new program will enable partner-to partner engagement, and provide partners with the opportunity to expand their portfolios and deliver new solutions,” said Susan Beaver, Director Global Partner Programs and Success at TIBCO. The new program will foster partner-to-partner connections and provide access to demand generation tools.

Beller gave some examples of how these partnerships have already been working, in advance of the formal program. One involved iSteer, a long-time TIBCO partner which just won TIBCO’s North American partner of the year for the third straight year. iSteer is both an SI and a reseller, with manufacturing expertise. They partnered with u-blox, an ISV which provides components to get data from the field to the cloud to create solutions from the manufacturing industry, and which just won TIBCO’s Global ISV Partner of the Year. The partnership will bring both companies’ ecosystems together to create new opportunities around data-driven solutions.

‘We invite you all to this new program for multi-partner engagement to build solutions on our platform,” Beller told the virtual audience.

Beaver then reviewed the impact of TIBCO’s new partner program and then announced changes designed to enable limitless programs in the future. She noted that 240 partners – 40% of the total of those in the program – were now receiving both new benefits TIBCO launched with the program. She also noted that all of the million dollars in the MDF program had been spent, that TIBCO has issued 11,000 new certifications to partners in 2021, and that the partner ecosystem had been expanded to OEM partners, with 500 of these now embedding TIBCO in their solutions.

Priorities in 2022 begin with an increased emphasis by TIBCO on recruiting more quality partners.

“Why is this good for you?” Beaver rhetorically asked. “As we fill gaps in our Go-to-Market model, it can open opportunities for partners to offer new solutions.”

Improved onboarding is also a priority.

“We have enhanced the partner portal with new information mapped to specific roles and actions, to let you enable info when you need it across all phases of the partner journey,” Beaver said.

Structural changes upcoming include making new program benefits easier to attain and receive, and making changes to tier qualifications around competency enhancement and demand generation.

“These enablement policies being revised will give a clearer picture of how to make money as a TIBCO partner,” Beaver indicated.

Numerous marketing relating changes are coming as well.

“A new demand generation track will be available in TIBCO Academy, with new resources mapped to your level,” Beaver said. “We are enhancing the solution showcase to offer multiple tiers with specific benefits. TIBCO will also play a more active role enabling you to generate and nurture leads.”

Other improvements include a new sales success page on the enhanced partner portal to connect partner sales teams to the most relevant information needed to close the sale.

“There will also be a price book to enable you to do your own pricing, and enable teams to quickly price and create a solution and close a deal,” Beaver stated. “We will enable partners to enable key measures through the enhanced partner portal, including an enhancement to the sales dashboard to bring in partner-generated opportunities.”