ConnectBooster launches Partner Program around their automated invoicing solution

ConnectBooster offers MSPs the functionality of their platform, plus the services of their affiliated companies, and has a referral component which will pay the MSP a recurring revenue if ConnectBooster sells the service to a customer

ORLANDO – ConnectBooster, which makes an automated invoicing solution that has a substantial following among MSPs, is launching its first-ever partner program. They are exhibiting at the ConnectWise IT Nation Connect 2018 event here.

ConnectBooster is one of four companies that are part of the BNG holding company, with the others involved in Payments, Point-of-Sale and Design. Their software, which the company originally created for their own use and has been offering as a commercial product since 2012, makes it easier for clients to pay ConnectBooster’s customers, and harder for clients to put off paying them. Their integrated automation platform streamlines billing, payment collection and accounting reconciliation.

“Many services-based companies actually put barriers up to clients to make it harder for them to pay them the money they owe them,” said Ryan Goodman, ConnectBooster’s President. “We tie in to accounting packages and PSA tools, enabling customers to pay their Accounts Receivable 365/24/7, and also provide payment reminders.”

Goodman said that while basic accounting packages from QuickBooks up have some payment functions, they don’t provide ConnectBooster’s granularity, and they aren’t customized for MSPs.

“CRM companies don’t provide this kind of functionality for the IT service provider space,” he stated. “QuickBooks has some payment functions, but they don’t do things like variable dollar amount building which are commonly done by MSPs. Tools like aren’t designed for MSPs to work through at all.” ConnectBooster is integrated with QuickBooks Desktop & Online, Xero, ConnectWise, Autotask, Kasaya, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It provides credit and debit card processing, ACH/electronic check processing, PCI DSS Compliance assistance, and payment gateway integration compatibility into hundreds of software.

ConnectBooster is not made exclusively for MSPs, but it is customized for them.

“We have thousands of clients, and we just crossed the 1,000 MSP mark,” Goodman said. “They run from a giant like Onepath to one-man shops, although our value proposition to large and small MSPs is different. The larger ones want mainly to increase their professionalism to clients with our AutoPay and Notification features, and get that Fortune 500 look without paying a lot of money to do it. The smaller ones just want to get paid.”

ConnectBooster is looking to attract both groups with their new Partner Program, which they are launching at the ConnectWise event.

“This is the first time that we have had such a program, and we decided to roll it out at IT Nation,” Goodman said. “We have two booths here, one for our existing clients and one for new prospects who we can enroll in the program.”

The Partner Program gives MSPs access to the functionality of ConnectBooster’s services – as well as to all the services of the other companies within the BNG portfolio.

“Each partner works with a single Affiliate Partner Manager who has responsibility for their success,” Goodman said. “They have access to a portal with an easy to use interface which handles lead submission, lead status tracking, revenue reporting and marketing material.” ConnectBooster provides customized marketing campaigns and email and social media templates that can be used to announce or promote solutions to your customers. The program’s lead referral component pays the customer if ConnectBooster sells them the service.

“We will sell the customer the solution, and the MSP makes a recurring revenue off it,” Goodman said. “Some partners will see this as a serious revenue building income stream.”

Goodman said that partnering with ConnectBooster is of special value to newer entrants in the MSP space.

“We can help shore up issues that make life hard for those coming late to the party,” he said. “MSPS all have this issue of  being pulled into the PCI compliance environment and need help. There is value in being a ConnectBooster partner because they know we can walk them through this process  and make recommendations.”

ConnectBooster is also announcing a new integration, with large leasing company GreatAmerica Financial Services. The integration transfers data from GreatAmerica’s platform directly to the MSP’s accounting software with ConnectBooster as the conduit to transfer payment remittance. MSPs receive notification of paid invoices through GreatAmerica on their ConnectBooster dashboard within a day of receiving payment, and all the reconciliation is automatically handled for the MSP.

ConnectBooster is at Booth #707 at the IT Nation Connect 2018 event. MSPs interested in the Partner Program can learn more at