Selling disaster recovery

SPONSORED CONTENT — Every business needs to be sure that its critical applications and data aren’t just backed up, but can be restored in the event that something catastrophically goes wrong. And advances in cloud-based technology and backup and recovery management software, paired with ever-lower costs for storage have made true disaster something that just about every solution provider can effectively bring to market for all of their customers. But selling disaster recovery can still be a challenge for VARs whose customers just don’t believe in the risk. And with every solution provider offering some flavour of disaster recovery, how does a solution provider stand out?

In this video interview, we talk to Shawn Massey, channel sales manager at Storagecraft, about just these issues and get his perspectives, including the experience he had when working for a solution provider that made him a true believer in the need for good backups and the ability to quickly recover when the impossible happens.