D&H Canada brings Partner Services Marketing library to Canada

D&H's Canadian partners had been asking for this service, available in the U.S since 2012, to come north. It assembles marketing collateral and customizable templates from both D&H and participating vendors in one library, and is free to use.


Greg Tobin, general manager at D&H Canada

Distributor D&H Canada has launched the Partner Services Marketing program in Canada. Available in the U.S. since 2012, the program consists of a resource library with content for Canada from 24 vendor partners or D&H, plus D&H’s own themed topics of interest to partners. All the content is free to use.

“We had some links the customers could follow to vendor sites before, but this puts it all into a nice little library, which saves a lot of effort and time,” said Greg Tobin, general manager at D&H Canada.

Tobin indicated that the delay in the Canadian launch compared to the U.S. was due to the task of putting together a large enough library at launch to impress resellers.

“It all comes down to content management,” he said. “You don’t want to launch until you have a large enough content library, or else first impressions aren’t as strong as they need to be. We also needed to do videos for this.

At launch the D&H Canada Partner Services program has more than 20 customizable brochure templates and 24 participating vendors, including Cisco, HP Commercial, Lenovo, Microsoft, and NETGEAR. D&H has always focused strongly on providing thematic content on hot topics to resellers, and the library include marketing brochure templates focusing on such technologies, specific vendors and emerging SMB trends, which can be branded with the reseller’s messaging.

“These templates are best business practices, and allows the reseller to customize them by putting their own logos on them,” Tobin said. “Our own materials contain topics like Goodbye to XP, encryption, virtualization, digital signage, and the Server 2003 refresh. There’s a lot of information in there.” The vendor information includes product training tools, videos, logos and images. A section on asset links which includes artwork and logos gives partners all the things they need to customize the content for their own customers or prospects.

D&H Canada will add content to the library on a quarterly basis. The program can be accessed at dandh.ca under the “D&H Resources” menu tab.

Tobin said that partners had been asking for this resource.

“We do a lot of customer engagement events, and every single one of those requires a survey to be filled out,” he said. “They consistently asked for help in marketing issues, and asked us to help them appear to be ‘bigger than we are.’ The smaller partners don’t have a sophisticated marketing engine, so need assistance to do this, and this allows them to do it for free, and with very little effort.”