BetterCloud names Innova Solutions as first partner in new top level SaaSOps Practice Partner tier

Innova, which had previously focused more on public cloud management, sees the new SaaSOps practice area as a way for them to stay ahead of the trend towards SaaS.

Shreyas Sadalgi, BetterCloud Chief Business Strategy Officer

BetterCloud, which makes a SaaSOps [SaaS Operations] platform for managing and securing the digital workplace, has announced a new partnership with Innova Solutions, an ACS Solutions company, that is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. It makes Innova their charter SaaSOps Practice Partner, their newly established top tier in the BetterCloud partner program.

“We have had an established channel reseller program, but this new tier is something we have just created a month ago,” said Shreyas Sadalgi, BetterCloud Chief Business Strategy Officer. “The SaaSOps Practice Partner is the new highest tier in our program. It helps partners create a dedicated practice so they can stand out. The benefit to the partner is that they are seen as innovators, and can be a hero to their customers.”

Innova is the first partner in the new tier.

“We are a relatively new partner of BetterCloud,” said Brian Amirian, Innova’s Chief Technology Officer and SVP of Cloud and Workplace Services. Sudhakar Kondisetty [Innova’s Senior Vice President-Global Alliances] put this together over the last month.

“We looked at two other companies as potential partners, but our customers wanted BetterCloud, and their offering was more comprehensive,” Kondisetty indicated.

Innova is a technology solutions provider which offers a broad array of MSP managed services. Their customers are primarily enterprises, although they do have some SMBs and even a couple of startups.

“Our focus has been on cloud managed services, and  managing public cloud providers for customers,” Amirian said. “We were seeing a gap though, that as more customers shifted workloads to SaaS, we were losing that business. They saw us essentially as public cloud management service providers.”

Innova will now have a differentiated offering for these customers. They will resell and distribute BetterCloud as their preferred SaaSOps solution combined with Innova’s own value-added cloud enablement services.

Brian Amirian, Innova’s CTO and SVP of Cloud and Workplace Services

“SaaSOps is our latest practice, and we see it as a big growth opportunity,” Amirian said. ““We are using BetterCloud as the platform to provide provisioning and  orchestration of data between SaaS platforms, and to provide codeless workflow creation.” BetterCloud also provides additional services like SaaS discovery and assessment, automation of user lifecycle management, and improved SaaS security with trigger inputs and automated workflow.

“We have our own cloud optimization tools, such as for the monitoring of SaaS that we will use with BetterCloud,” Amirian noted.

“The state of the market is there is a set of vendors that do SaaS Discovery, or which do SaaS Management, or which do SaaS Security,” Sadalgi said. “Because we do all these things, it makes it easier for customers and partners to go with us.

“We also concluded a BetterCloud conference in October, where we launched a new product, BetterCloud Discover,” Sadalgi added. “We had Manage and Secure capabilities before, but not Discover. This fills a big gap in the market for us.”