OpenText, Lastline form new strategic partnership

The new relationship will integrate Lastline’s network visibility and advanced malware analysis solutions into OpenText​​ Dynamic Analysis for EnCase​ Endpoint Security​, although Lastline is hopeful the relationship will expand further.

Greg Enriquez, Chief Revenue Officer at Lastline

Network security vendor Lastline has announced a new Technology Alliance partnership with OpenText. It will see Lastline’s network visibility and advanced malware analysis solutions integrated directly into OpenText​​ Dynamic Analysis for EnCase​ Endpoint Security​.

“This is a brand new relationship, which is very exciting for us,” said Greg Enriquez, Chief Revenue Officer at Lastline. “OpenText has 35 million endpoints that are protected by EnCase, which will now be protected by our Deep Content Inspection.”

Lastline is one of several companies with newer technology that uses a behavioural Intelligence-led approach to security that looks for anomalies in the network and correlates them with known malware behaviors. Lastline Deep Content Inspection evaluates malware interaction both within the operating system, and within each instruction executed within the CPU, to provide greater visibility into malware’s actions and track down evasive code.  Lastline emphasizes that their combination of supervised and unsupervised AI gives them an extremely low false positive rate, a key differentiator that cuts down on wasted time for SOC teams.

“The future of network detection and response is an opportunity for both us and OpenText,” Enriquez said. “This integration will deepen the OpenText solution’s protection against unknown threats.”

OEM integrations are a key part of Lastline’s business model.

“We have over 40 OEM relationships,” Enriquez said. “Being able to integrate with partners the way we do, and bringing our AI and machine learning together with them, helps our OEM partners and helps us jointly target customers in the marketplace.”

The OpenText alliance is a new one for them.

“While we were speaking with them before that, this really began to take off when we participated in their [Enfuse 2019] forum in Las Vegas a couple of months ago,” Enriquez noted. “We enhanced our exposure there and had a breakout.”

While this relationship is around OpenText Dynamic Analysis for EnCase Endpoint Security, Lastline is hopeful that this can be extended to other OpenText products. Last month OpenText announced that it will acquire Carbonite, a deal which has not yet closed. Carbonite’s components include Webroot, an endpoint security product that is particularly strong in the MSP space.

“What Webroot does is very interesting,” Enriquez said. “They have gone after different users than we have, historically, but any opportunity to expand our file analysis is interesting to us. All security platforms that ingest data can benefit from us.

“We hope that our partnership with OpenText will deepen over time, and that we can bring further automation to their security,” Enriquez added.

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