IT Glue sends message to market by enhancing new ticket visibility in ConnectWise and Autotask integrations

The enhanced integrations, along with IT Glue’s new Open Platform Manifesto, are both designed to reassure the market that despite the company’s acquisition by Kaseya late last year, nothing has changed with respect to their commitment to working with all the PSA players in the industry, notwithstanding their being competitors of Kaseya.

Luis Giraldo, IT Glue’s VP, Product

Today, IT Glue, the market leader in providing documentation for the managed services industry, is announcing significant enhancements to their integrations with ConnectWise and Autotask, which focus specifically on deepening the integrations around new tickets for these platforms.

Vendors who provide services to RMM and PSA companies regularly announce new integrations with these vendors, and such announcements usually don’t reflect a larger purpose. This is one of the rare exceptions to that rule. Kaseya announced that it had acquired IT Glue last December, and this announcement, together with a new Open Platform from IT Glue, is strategically designed to send a message to the market. That message is that even though IT Glue is now owned by one of the major RMM/PSA players, their commitment to working with Kaseya’s competitors, in the same way they did before the acquisition was announced, remains unchanged.

“Shortly after the announcement of the acquisition by Kaseya, we decided that we wanted to make sure that our partners knew that we were committed to an open platform and committed to strengthening integrations with other vendors,” said Luis Giraldo, IT Glue’s VP, Product. “ConnectWise and Autotask are two of our most used integrations. We wanted to deepen them to show our commitment to staying open.”

Giraldo said this led to the decision to enhance the technical integrations IT Glue had with tickets to those platforms.

“We hadn’t really done much with tickets,” he said. “With this, we now do a one-way synch of tickets from these PSA platforms into IT Glue, so they can leverage our search capabilities. The ability to relate items in IT Glue is one of our strongest features, and we can relate a ticket to the SOP [Standard Operating Procedure] or document that was used to solve it. Ideally, this should be recorded by the tech, but in practical terms, it has been challenging. Not every tech has the time to do it, and they also don’t do it consistently. This facilitates that process.”

IT Glue has also published its Open Platform Manifesto, restating their commitment to maintain an open platform, to continue to build integrations with other vendors and foster the growth of the connected ecosystem.

“There isn’t really anything new in the Manifesto,” Giraldo said. “It was done because a lot of questions arose whether we would continue to be Switzerland after the acquisition. Since we integrate with 30-plus software tools out there, it was natural that these questions would come up. This is our way of addressing that. The purpose of the Manifesto is to dispel concern and restate our commitment to an open platform.”

Similarly, the Manifesto and the new ConnectWise and Autotask enhancements are connected in the same way, to demonstrate IT Glue’s commitment to working with Kaseya competitors.

“The intent here was the use the Manifesto to support the new feature launches, and in turn show why we are deepening those integrations,” Giraldo indicated. “We are restating our commitment to being an open platform, and working with all of the industry’s most important vendors.”

Kaseya actually acquired IT Glue two years before the acquisition was announced, and following that two-year period, when the acquisition was formally announced, IT founder and CEO Chris Day left the company.

“Today, we have an acting GM from the Kaseya side helping us keep lines of sight focused on larger Kaseya issues, although that person is not public at this time,” Giraldo said. “The actual reporting structure within IT Glue has not changed since the acquisition, however.”