Nyotron announces distribution deal with Ingram Micro has expanded into a strategic partnership, which includes a $10 million investment

Nyotron, which makes a highly differentiated anti-malware solution that looks for changes in operating system behavior for evidence of threats, is different from other solutions on the market, and is designed to work with them in a multi-faceted defense strategy.

Sagit Manor, Nyotron’s CEO

Santa Clara CA-based cybersecurity vendor Nyotron has announced that its initial distribution relationship with Ingram Micro that was announced earlier this year has been significantly expanded. Nyotron has stated that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Ingram Micro, which involves the distributor investing $10 million in Nyotron.

Nyotron, which was originally formed in Israel, makes a solution – PARANOID – that is designed to work with other security solutions and service as a last line of defense, with what they term an OS-Centric Positive Security approach. Instead of utilizing a Negative Security approach that looks for bad actors, PARANOID has a fundamentally different strategy, which maps out the proper processes that an operating system would take when it undertakes any activity. PARANOID looks for activities that deviate from this normal behavior to identify them as suspicious.

“It is a unique approach, the industry’s first OS-centric solution, which is completely different from anything else in the market,” said Sagit Manor, Nyotron’s CEO. “Because it is different from other security solutions like traditional AV, it works well with them. AV stops threats it can identify at the gate. But it can’t stop unknown threats or zero-day attacks, as our solution can. Working with them allows us to provide a last line of defense, which means that we don’t rip and replace anything. Our focus is on highly regulated industries, because they need several overlapping areas of defense. Ingram Micro brings us in as both an EDR  [Endpoint Detection and Response] and desktop solution to provide that last line of defense.”

Nyotron initially began by selling direct, acquiring reference customers like El-Al Airlines. They first began to move to a hybrid channel model in Israel and in Europe, with their first efforts at partner recruitment in the U.S. beginning in late 2017. At the beginning of May, 2018, they announced a global distribution agreement with Ingram Micro at Ingram’s Cloud Summit 18 event.

“We announced the distribution agreement at the event, and also presented  a demo there showing how PARANOID stopped an attack,” which was well-received,” Manor said. “Nimesh Dave, Ingram Micro’s EVP of Global Cloud, saw our solution as extremely significant globally, because it is unique and different from anything else. That is why they made us a strategic partner. Their investment in us takes the relationship to a completely different level.”

Manor said that the partnership with Ingram Micro is significant on multiple levels.

“We are very excited about this,” she stated. “It is a validation of our vision. It provides us with the perfect platform to expand our footprint in North America.

“We are also looking to get introduced to significant companies and enterprises through Ingram,” Manor added. “We are looking forward to them introducing us into new vertical markets, and doing other things to help us expand our channel.”

To assist in this, Manor said that Nyotron has hired a new U.S.-based Channel Partner Sales Manager, Ron Bachman, whose background includes a long stint as a business development manager at distributor Westcon Group, as well as Channel Account Manager roles at Websense and Fidelis Cybersecurity.

Manor stressed however, that while they are looking to expand their channel through Ingram Micro, they are not looking for distribution to sell their goods through a large volume channel.

“We are looking for perhaps one to two dozen partners in North America who we can nurture, train, and be part of their marketing, in a preferred partner relationship,” she said. “We have several such partners already in the U.S.”

They still do not yet have any in Canada, however.

“We have a few enterprise customers in health care in Canada that we are speaking with though,” Manor said.

Manor said that she believes that Nyotron’s differentiated solution and Ingram Micro’s support will lead the company to great things in North America.

“We believe we have a solution that will accomplish what others will fail to achieve,” she said. “The sky’s the limit.”