Mobile-first RMM Pulseway strengthens MSP services with IT Glue integration

Pulseway’s new integration adds an integration with a commonly-used IT documentation platform, that will improve MSPs’ ability to troubleshoot Pulseway, and make Pulseway a more attractive option for MSPs.

The Pulseway IT Glue integration

Remote Monitoring and Management [RMM] provider Pulseway has announced a new integration with Vancouver-headquartered IT Glue, which will give Pulseway MSPs access to IT Glue’s IT documentation platform.

Pulseway, which launched in 2011, was created specifically to provide mobility-focused cloud-based offerings. They are not exclusively an MSP provider. In fact, while historically MSPs have been about half their customer base, they did not introduce a version of their platform specifically built for MSPs until 2016. That market has become increasingly more important for them in recent years, however.

“Over the last couple years, we have launched exclusive MSP products, and now have over 2500 MSPs [up from about 1000 two years ago], said Edgar Zacharjev, Pulseway’s Director of Marketing and Sales Optimization. “Today between 70 and 75 per cent of our business comes from MSPs. It’s a hugely important market for us.”

IT documentation platforms provide easily accessible data designed to make it easier for techs to troubleshoot problems. They include configuration data like CPU, memory, disk usage, and last reboot, provided automatically, in near real-time, to eliminate time and errors associated with manual configuration.

“We had some capabilities to do this before within our PSA solution, but our MSP partners asked us for something that was much more comprehensive,” Zacharjev said. “This kind of capability is important for MSPs to maintain structure in their organizations, which is particularly important as they grow. Without such a platform, they can struggle if they lose a tech. The documentation platform maintains that structure, so it makes a lot of difference, even for a small MSP. It’s certainly a must-have to take a smaller MSP to the next level.”

There are multiple players in the IT documentation market, but Zacharjev said that the choice of IT Glue, which has integrations with multiple RMM providers, was an easy one for them.

“It is a great tool,” he said. “We talked about this with our MSP customers, and they were the specific vendor that about 80 per cent of them wanted IT Glue has the biggest chunk of the market for MSPs, so it was a no-brainer from a business perspective.”

Zacharjev said that while providing this kind of integration does not directly put money into Pulseway’s pockets, it has beneficial effects nonetheless.

“While it does not directly generate revenue for us, when the MSP picks a solution they want things that integrate with their tools,” he indicated. “IT Glue is already connected to many of them. It’s the same reason that many people choose Salesforce – because it is connected to hundreds of tools. Having an integration with IT Glue will provide a better chance of an MSP deciding to use us.”

The IT Glue integration is just one of several recent initiatives Pulseway has undertaken.

“We relaunched a freemium product in October to test it for a limited amount of time,” Zacharjev said. The company actually started out with a free app, then introduced a paid upgrade, and by 2015 the free version had disappeared, so that Pulseway could focus on the growth of the commercial product. Now, the freemium product is back, and supports up to two servers.

“It has been a huge success since the relaunch, with over 20,000 accounts created,” Zacharjev said.

In early February, Pulseway also introduced to new patch management engine to simplify things, which is included in the base price.

“We will also be launching an updated version of the platform at the start of August, which will reshape how large-scale endpoint managers will manage their infrastructure,” Zacharjev added.