Cloud contact centre software maker 3CLogic unveils native integration with ServiceNow

3CLogic is partnered deeply with a very select number of vendors, one of which is ServiceNow. The new integration lets ServiceNow reps handle all the interaction with 3CLogic phone support through the ServiceNow interface.

Denis Seynhaeve, 3CLogic’s CEO

3CLogic, which makes cloud contact centre software, has deepened its already strong relationship with ServiceNow, with the announcement that they now have a full native integration for the ServiceNow platform. The announcement was made last week at the ServiceNow Knowledge18 annual customer conference in Las Vegas, where 3CLogic was a vendor sponsor.

Based in Rockville MD, 3CLogic was formed in 2005. They compete in the cloud-based contact centre platform market, with a sweet spot in the Global 2000, and a hybrid go-to-market model. Their strategic partnering model – which is central to their go-to-market efforts –  is a relatively unusual one in their industry, however. Rather than try to integrate with as many vendors as possible, 3CLogic has a much more selective philosophy around  partnering.

“We had more of a shotgun approach to these relationships until I joined the company three years ago,” said Denis Seynhaeve, 3CLogic’s CEO. “We then began to look at things in a slightly different fashion. We think that thin integrations with vendors really doesn’t make much sense. We decided to focus on a smaller number of vendors, and do extremely deep relationships with them. 90 per cent of our customers are in the enterprise world, and that’s because of our go-to-market strategy and our very deep partnership with these strategic vendors.”

Their two most significant such partnerships are with ServiceNow, and SugarCRM.

“We are a small company, and we pick our battles,”  Seynhaeve  said. “We have had tremendous success with ServiceNow by going extremely deep with them. It has been a totally underserved market, SugarCRM is a much smaller market, but is also underserved.”

The native integration allows for a more seamless switch between ServiceNow’s multi-channel customer support and 3CLogic’s Computer Telephony Integration capabilities.

“We look at what these vendors are doing natively themselves around email, chat and other channels, and we think the demarcation line is between synchronous and asynchronous – everything around voice and speech,” Seynhaeve said. “These vendors tie everything they can to self-service, but at the end of the day, if the customer wants to talk and the customer is in charge, you need to give them the ability to do that in a very seamless way, so that they don’t know that they went from a ServiceNow chat to voice powered by us.”

The 3CLogic agent is deployed entirely within the partner vendor’s system.

“Everything is in there, and we are totally within their system,” Seynhaeve said. “That’s different from several of our competitors.

The native integration now lets ServiceNow agents access 3CLogic’s full feature set from the ServiceNow interface. The feature set includes Interactive Voice Response, Automatic Call Distribution, dialer, scripting, skills-based routing, screen-pop, call recording, reporting and analytics.

“Now you don’t have to create agents in 3CLogic,” Seynhaeve said. “Instead you can click and drag in ServiceNow and add them to your call centre in a matter or seconds. The same goes for routing, where we now go deeper and deeper to make sure the logic of routing ties in. We also added an integration trigger. In ServiceNow, depending which department you work with, the objects you tie in are different, but we can map them all in, and it is very intuitive to map their integration.”


The 3CLogic integration is a Now Certified application available in the ServiceNow Store for contact center and Computer Telephony Integration.