Security fameworks and managed services

Stephen Nichols, director of solution engineering for Acronis

They can guide and shape your security practices and services, ensure you’re on the right side of regulation and governance, and help you sell higher-margin security services. Frameworks like NIST can do a lot for MSPs.

Stephen Nichols, director of solution engineering for Acronis, joins the podcast to discuss cybersecurity frameworks in relation to managed services.

We discuss:

  • how to stay ahead of regulations by following a cybersecurity framework;
  • what security frameworks are and how they work;
  • how frameworks enable the overall customer conversation around security;
  • how MSPs can operationalize their security around NIST or other cybersecurity frameworks;
  • using frameworks for long-term planning with customers and can increase revenues;
  • how frameworks help MSPs understand and manage risk and liability;
  • dealing with customers who “opt out” of recommended security services and
  • working within a framework during and after a breach.

All this and much more are in this edition of the Podcast.


Resources from Acronis:

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