The path to cloud migration begins with knowing where you are today

Embarking on the journey to the cloud requires a strategic compass, and many enterprises find themselves at the crossroads of questions. Where do you stand today in terms of cloud readiness? What workloads are ideal for cloud migration? How can you integrate cloud and on-prem solutions? What steps do you need to take to ensure a smooth transition? These concerns loom for businesses considering migrating their contact centers to the cloud, driven by the promise of heightened business momentum and a cascade of benefits—lower costs, faster innovation cycles, flexibility, and more. But before you start moving applications and workloads, it’s critical to thoroughly assess your current environment and prepare a roadmap.  

Get a Cloud Readiness Assessment 

Avaya gives businesses the freedom to choose the right path for them to transform the customer experience and guidance based on our deep and broad experience. As part of our CX Journey offer, we can provide a Cloud Readiness Assessment from Avaya Customer Experience Services (ACES) to help businesses answer these crucial questions. 

Our team of experts takes an agile, comprehensive, and customer-focused approach: 

  • We thoroughly evaluate your systems, data, applications, business processes and requirements. 
  • We prioritize your requirements and identify quick-win migration targets as well as elements that require re-platforming or re-architecting. 
  • We design hybrid cloud solutions tailored for your environment, with seamless integration between on-premises and cloud. 
  • We provide a detailed migration roadmap with recommendations to evolve legacy investments while futureproofing with the latest innovations. 
  • We establish success metrics and best practices for governance, security, and performance monitoring post-migration. 

Whether your goals are lowering TCO, enabling faster delivery of new capabilities, or providing failover for continuity, the ACES Cloud Readiness Assessment provides the strategy and plan to get you there — smoothly and cost-effectively. 

Bring Innovation to Enterprise-sized Workloads  

Many of the largest enterprises in the world rely on Avaya – including the national governments of 97 countries, the world’s top 10 airlines and top 10 automotive companies, and the top 19 global banks. Avaya also serves over 8,000 healthcare organizations and 3,500 educational institutions. 

Migrating on-premises contact centers and systems to the cloud can be especially complex for large institutions and enterprises in industries like these. Professional services expertise helps align business and IT stakeholders, execute phased transitions, and avoid wasted time and budget on ineffective approaches. In many cases, instead of moving larger customer workloads to the cloud, we bring cloud services to them over the top – with a hybrid model that delivers innovation without disruption. This enables you to build upon existing investments and processes and accelerates time to market with new experiences seamlessly. 

An assessment is crucial to understand and navigate factors like stringent industry regulations, integration complexity, security requirements, and organizational change management. For example, if you are a global bank, our services can help you conduct an application portfolio assessment to determine the optimal migration plan for transitioning your customer service systems to the cloud in a compliant and secure manner.

Overall, migrating contact centers to the cloud and modernizing on-premises systems by adopting cloud innovation enable improved customer and employee experiences. When based on thorough analysis and alignment with business objectives, these initiatives can increase efficiency, resilience and innovation capabilities.   

Discover an Award-winning Solution 

ACES Cloud CX Consultancy was recently recognized for its quality of services and customer impact by being named to the 2023-2024 Cloud Awards Shortlist, which recognizes the best innovation within Cloud Computing. Contact Avaya’s ACES team to learn more about our services and solutions and to begin your cloud migration journey. We’ll guide you along the way from where you are today to where you aspire to be in the future.