Partner for success with Fortinet

Sean Campbell, Director Canadian Channels, Fortinet

The cyber security business is thriving thanks to growth in cloud-based platforms and applications – as well as a corresponding increase in cybercrime. In fact, recent estimates peg the global market at almost $209 billion (USD). With all this potential, channel partners must step up to secure their share of this growing opportunity. 

Fortinet is 100 per cent committed to the channel and provides support in two important ways. First, we offer a robust portfolio of integrated, market-leading solutions. Built on FortiOS, the industry’s most powerful operating system, our unified platform addresses customers’ most severe challenges by providing consistent visibility, simplified management, and granular control that can scale to meet business needs. 

Second, we offer the industry-leading Engage Partner Program, designed to provide our global partner community with flexible opportunities for business growth and the solutions and training they need to distinguish themselves from the competition. 

Customer needs come first  

Distributed network environments and work-from-anywhere models make it difficult for organizations to provide consistent protection and policy enforcement. The average organization now uses over 100 applications and, according to the Harvard Business Review, nearly 100 different security tools. Cybercriminals can exploit this complexity, directly impacting network security. IBM reports that it now takes an average of 277 days to identify and then contain a data breach. Even then, only a third are identified by the organization’s internal security teams and tools.

Fortinet is leading the evolution of cybersecurity, championing the convergence of networking and security with a portfolio of over 50 enterprise-grade products, the most extensive integrated offering. With over 730,000 customers globally, Fortinet solutions are among the most deployed and validated in the industry, so partners can feel confident offering Fortinet solutions to help combat complexity, advance security, and enable business at speed and scale.  

Fortinet’s certified partners are critical to our success. Through the Engage Partner Program, we strive to provide our global partners with the solutions, training, and opportunities to succeed in a competitive market. 

Integrated offerings for operational efficiency 

Fortinet’s integrated solutions help our partners reduce dependence on multiple vendors and platforms. The Engage Partner Program aligns with the Fortinet Security Fabric platform, supporting three priority areas: Secure Networking, AI-Driven Security Operations, and Unified SASE.

By building on a proven platform, Fortinet offers partners advanced security and networking solutions that stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape and support digital transformation. Our robust and integrated product catalogue enables partners to improve operational efficiency while helping their customers reduce the complexity that leaves them vulnerable to breaches and cyber attacks. 

Creating new business models for partners 

Designed to meet the needs of our global partners, the Engage Partner Program offers unique ways to structure your business. Partners benefit from flexible consumption models that fit their business approach, such as Integrator, MSSP, or Cloud. Each model offers benefits that help partners grow that segment of their business. 

Fortinet can also help partners gain experience in critical areas of business growth through Engage Specializations. This designation demonstrates expertise in the solutions most vital for today’s rapidly evolving security environment. Partners are eligible to specialize in critical technologies, including SASE, Zero-Trust Access, SD-WAN, Secure Connectivity LAN, Cloud Security, Data Center, Operational Technology, and Security Operations.

Engage with a vendor you can trust 

Fortinet is fully dedicated to our partners’ success, and we’re backing that up with the tools, training, and investments needed to help them succeed. We’ve built the Fortinet Engage Partner Program to ensure partners can leverage our solutions to meet market demands and boost profitability. Connect with us today to see how our partners are securing their share of a growing market. 

Sean Campbell is Director of Canadian Channels at Fortinet