Canonical sees huge boost to OpenStack from Bootstack integration with Trilio backup and recovery solution

Canonical believes that bringing Trilio directly into Ubuntu will have a profound impact on OpenStack enterprise adoption, making OpenStack much more attractive to the private cloud market and allowing its cost advantages over Vmware to have more resonance.

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu open source operating system, has announced a new partnership with Trilio, that  will make the TrilioVault backup and recovery solution available within Canonical’s Bootstack  hosted private cloud solution. Canonical says that will remove what has been a traditional limitation within OpenStack. TrilioVault will also be made available as an option to Ubuntu Advantage support customers. The announcements were made at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver.

Adding Trilio to their solution is important for Canonical because TrilioVault is the only OpenStack-native backup and recovery solution broadly available on the market. While enterprises could have used TrilioVault with Ubuntu previously, the partnership will make the integration a completely seamless one.

“This is a complete net-new for us,” said Arturo Suarez, Product Strategy, Alliances and Program Director at Canonical. “Backup and recovery has been one of the holes of OpenStack, which has discouraged enterprises from adopting it. We have  been waiting for a long time for this kind of product which is well suited to our operating system. There are a couple of startups out there which do something similar, but TrilioVault is well-known and non-intrusive software.” Trilio was founded in 2013 and the solution is a mature one. Version 3 of TrilioStack, which was announced earlier this month, is scheduled to be available this summer.

The TrilioVault software is scale-out, multi-tenanted, agentless and architected for the cloud.

“There is a cloud orchestration capability, and the software can scale quickly without any degradation of performance,” Suarez said.

Suarez said that the partnership to deliver TrilioVault as part of Bootstack will have a profound impact on the market.

“Until now, OpenStack has been a small percentage of the data centre, despite its very clear cost advantages,” Suarez said. “This will break VMware’s monopoly on the data centre, break the traditional way of classifying workloads, provide a real alternative to the traditional private cloud infrastructure and open up a big portion of that market to us. It will be so much cheaper for a large majority of workloads.”

“Making Trilio available as part of BootStack will make enterprise OpenStack clouds easier to build,” Suarez added. “It will make BootStack easier to manage, and make it much easier to recover if a disaster happens. Right now, there is a combination of different applications in the enterprise for OpenStack. Our making Trilio the standard for our solution will strengthen both, and make this a logical default option. That makes it good for OpenStack, good for us, and good for the enterprise.”