Dell enhances data protection portfolio with NetVault 10, dedupe appliance

Dell NetVault 10Dell has beefed up its data protection portfolio with the release of version 10 of its NetVault software, together with a new high performance deduplication appliance, the DR6000.

NetVault is the more traditional file-based backup product in Dell’s arsenal, while its’ AppAssure line is image-based, but NetVault still has strong market appeal, said Eric Endebrock, director, product management, Dell Software.

“NetVault is a file-based, job-based backup, which is very much focused on backup, while AppAssure is image-based and more recovery-focused” Endebrock said. “File has some inherent advantages, certainly where tape is used, and it supports more application types. Over time, image-based tech will probably replace file-based, but it will come at a cost, since it is more expensive, which is why today it is used more for virtual environments. NetVault is not acquiring new markets today, but it is still growing at 20% a year because it offers functionality and an extremely good price point.”

The two big enhancements in NetVault Backup 10 are a new backend database and a new web-based GUI interface with a more intuitive workflow that allows admins to easily configure, manage, and monitor the NetVault Backup system.

“We haven’t changed the look and feel for some time,” Endebrock said. “Now it has a modern interface, the same look and feel as the other Dell interfaces.”

The new backend database, along with optimizations in the scheduler and media manager algorithms, greatly improve performance and responsiveness, and translates into more than three times its previous scalability.

“It now supports 1000 servers per instance, up from 300,” Endebrock said.

The new DR6000 dedupe appliance moves Dell up in the market segment it addresses, and becomes their high end appliance — for now. It provides up to 180TB of usable storage capacity, a 122% increase over the 81TB offered by the DR4100, its mid-market counterpart.

It also introduces the industry’s first source-side deduplication for NFS and CIFS backup through its Rapid NFS and Rapid CIFS technology, which improves backup performance by up to a factor of four with no disruption to existing workflows. Dell has also enhanced replication and file sharing capabilities two-fold, now enabling customers to simultaneously replicate data from 64 different DR series deduplication appliances to a single DR6000 appliance.

“The DR6000, like the DR4100, work with NetVault for source side deduplication, but because it is open, it supports other vendors as well,” Endebrock said. “It makes what you have now for backup much faster, if you aren’t looking to swap backup vendors. Partners like that because it gives them multiple options.”

Both NetVault Backup 10 and the DR6000 are available now. NetVault Backup pricing starts at $USD 1,290, while the DR6000 starts at a list price of $USD 59,772 for 9TB of usable capacity.

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