SAP Build low code solution for business users highlights start of SAP TechEd

SAP also announced a partnership with training platform provider Coursera to train new professional developers for entry level jobs in the SAP ecosystem.

Juergen Mueller, SAP’s Chief Technology Officer

On Tuesday, on the first day of the developer-centric SAP TechEd conference in Las Vegas, SAP made its first major announcement around the event. They announced SAP Build, a low-code portfolio of solutions to help users of any skill level create and augment enterprise applications, automate processes and design business sites with drag-and-drop simplicity.

“I’m thrilled to introduce platform features and functionalities that will help you and your company be successful both now and in the future,” said Juergen Mueller, Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, to the on-prem part of the audience for the hybrid event.

Mueller emphasized that SAP is making major announcements on both the low code and pro code sides of the house.

He said that as every company becomes a tech company, developer skills have become even more precious, with IDC predicting a global shortfall of four million developers by 2025.

“We have to unleash the expertise of those who know the business best” to respond to this, Mueller stressed. “And these are the business users themselves.”

This brought Mueller to what he termed the big announcement of the day.

“We are launching our low code experience, SAP Build,” he said. “SAP Build is the evolution of our low code portfolio that we started a few years ago with SAP Build brings together what had previously been disconnected products into a unified development environment.”

This encompasses three solutions; SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Apps, which is the next generation of SAP AppGyver, and SAP Build Work Zone. They have a common lifecycle, shared BTP designation, and access to the In-App content store.

“SAP Build’s unified experience makes it easy to build powerful Web and mobile applications,” Mueller stated. “It has a beautiful experience, powerful back-end capabilities and seamless integration to workflows, to RPB bots, to low code and all the other functionalities in S/4.”

By giving these business user domain experts the tools they need to solve problems from the ground up, SAP and its partners help customers make better decisions and drive innovation faster.

“SAP Build also allows business teams to collaborate with IT and development teams, because we need strong development and IT teams, but we need to work together,” Mueller said. “Developers can encapsulate their code which they wrote, for example, in Business Application Studio, and then this can be used by business users to develop an SAP Build.”

With SAP Signavio solutions natively integrated, users of SAP Build also get in-depth visibility into all their processes, so they know where to focus to achieve the greatest impact as they innovate and automate. More than 275,000 process reference points from 4,000 customers and 1,300 use-case specific workflows and automations available in what Mueller called the world’s largest domain-specific library of content.

SAP is also committed to increasing the number of pro developers, by tripling free learning offerings on the SAP Learning site in partnership with learning platform provider Coursera, to help people launch careers within the SAP ecosystem. SAP is committed to upskilling two million developers worldwide this way by 2025.

“I’m happy to announce that today SAP is launching an entry-level professional certificate on Coursera,” said Jeff Maggioncalda, Coursera’s CEO. “This certificate is designed for learners of all backgrounds, with no college degree or industry experience required. It will prepare learners for entry-level job roles and in some of the most in-demand fields. We’re honored to partner with SAP to increase access to job-related skills and to expand economic opportunity for everyone.”

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