Cloud backup provider Redstor launches first partner program for North American MSPs

Redstor has had a presence in Britain for many years, and is now ramping up their efforts in North America, with new tools and benefits for MSPs as part of their All Access Partner Program.

Matt Scully, Redstor’s channel chief

MSP-focused cloud backup and data protection provider Redstor has announced the launch of their All Access Partner Program, their first formal channel program in North America. It includes multiple perks and tools for MSP partners, including attractive NFR and discount pricing, and a new Partner Advisory Board.

Redstor has been a long-standing presence in the industry, although less so in North America than in other geos.

“RedStor has been around for over 25 years,” said Matt Scully, Redstor’s channel chief, who came to RedStor in July following a couple of years at MailProtecttor and more than five years  at Datto. “The company’s main base is in the UK, and they have a presence in South Africa. in 2020, we decided to move into the US, although the pandemic delayed that until 2022. “

Since their arrival in North America, Scully said that they have had a very good reception.

“We just won best in show at the ChannelPro event, where only five people had heard of us when we took the stage,” he noted.

Scully said that RedStor differentiates themselves from their competition by the  quality of service that they provide.

“I have a team of five MSPs who I am really close with, and all five had stellar reviews of the technology,” he stated. “A lot of today’s solutions cant handle the data that’s coming, and so we will see a new generation of protective services as a result. We are a part of that new generation. We are also backup and data protection only, and are not splitting focus with an RMM piece or a PSA.”

RedStor is 100% committed to its channel, specifically its MSP partners.

“It’s about having the right partners that fully trust us to affect their clients,” Scully said. “Our goal is to have a high level of engagement with MSPs. We aren’t a set it and forget it company.”

The All Access Partner Program is new, but borrows from some of the things that RedStor had been using in Britain.

“It’s a combination of some of the aspects set up in the UK, and tweaked for North America,” Scully said. “Many of us here have worked with successful channel programs in the past. Our objective is to help our partners grow their own business – not necessarily to grow us.”

The new partner program is still being put together, but has what RedStor believes to be some very strong features and benefits. These include a co-branded online marketplace that enables easy and efficient end-to-end onboarding of customers and upsell opportunities. It also includes lead referrals and listing in Redstor’s Partner Directory, to help attract new clients.

“We have our RedApp app, where you see everything like a periscope,” Scully said.

The program also offers NFR bundles available for partners and marketing development funds to generate new revenue streams, as well as sales resources, including everything to develop campaigns that drive demand, ranging from customizable emails to social posts to content assets.

“We are also discussing a deal registration system, but it is not mandatory,” Scully stated. “A Deal Reg opportunity must be net new business to RedStor, and we  have to be involved within 21 days of registration.”

Partners also have access to Redstor’s newly created Partner Advisory Board, and to the REDtribe community, created to help MSPs collaborate with Redstor and industry peers.

Scully said that RedStor is recruiting new partners in Canada as well.

“In the two months that I have been here we have had a dozen calls with MSPs in Canada,” he indicated. There is activity. We would like to have a good partner base in Canada.”