Mitel rolls out new program for agents, and new partner-led track

Amplify is a new program for the master-agent channel, while Velocity  encompasses partner-led cloud go-to-market models, including MiCloud Connect Partner Managed.

Lana King, Vice President, Partner Programs, Training and Enablement, Mitel

Mitel has expanded their partner program offerings for their cloud-focused partners. Mitel Amplify is specifically designed for Agents in the Master-Agent model, and while Mitel has provided this channel benefits before, this is the first time it has been done through a single program. It is separate from the main Mitel partner program because the channel is so different. The new Velocity program, on the other hand, is a track within the larger program. because it is designed for more conventional partners, but who have a very specific business model.

“Amplify is a new program for agents specifically, which provides them with additional sales and technical training,” said Lana King, Vice President, Partner Programs, Training and Enablement at Mitel. “We have provided this to them in different formats before, but this is the first time it has been placed in a single program.”

King noted that not all agents are compelled to join Amplify, and that, in fact, some are choosing to join Velocity. The Velocity program requires the agent to take on additional responsibility, including post-sales support where they have ownership.

“Amplify is a separate distinct program because the agent community is very different,” she said. “Velocity is the umbrella for program for the partner-led cloud Go-to-Market. However, many of our agents have looked at Velocity and determined that it is a motion that they are interested in. Partners have the right to choose. We have many agents adopting the partner-managed model, which will enable them to become a Velocity partner. We do expect that the majority of agents will ramp up with Amplify, but that a smaller percentage will choose to step into Velocity.”

King described the number of agents as a proportion of Mitel’s channel in the U.S. as ‘a healthy percentage.’

“In Canada, the percentage is considerably lower than in the US, and in Canada, we expect that many agents will look at Velocity,” she said.

King said that resources were available to agent partners before Amplify, but that Amplify has significantly ramped them up.

“Before, we provided online marketing resources for them, and they had channel account managers assigned to them,” she indicated. “They also had lead registration and some training through Master Agents.”

The training has now been expanded to include free sales and technical enablement certifications. Agents still have a dedicated account manager, and now have dedicated communications support as well. Deal support is provided through Mitel’s FastTrack opportunity registration model, as well as an agent-focused online resource centre. Customary commissions, incentives and promotions are also provided.

The other new offering, Mitel Velocity, is targeted at partner-led and partner-delivered models.

“It is for those partners with very specific business model, a partner-led Go-to-Market offering,” King said. “It encompasses MiCloud Connect Partner Managed today, and coming soon, MiCloud Flex, our private cloud offering.”

The partner-led model required more advanced sales and technical expertise, King noted.

“The do all of the quoting, and provide additional services,” she said. “They do the activation, the setups, the post-sales support, and the contract renewal. Partner-led for us means the partner is the customer engagement point.”

The Velocity track provides partners with dedicated business planning, executive support and premier recognition of having achieved the top level of cloud certification.

King said that no additional partner tracks or programs are planned.

“We do have some exciting solutions coming later this quarter, around customer needs in the marketplace, which will be exciting for partners,” she said.

King expects partner enthusiasm to be high, as the pandemic fades into the past.

“We had a partner event yesterday, which was very successful,” she said. “Partners were so eager to get out and engage.”