Zomentum looks to simplify MSP sales processes by triggering ‘aha’ moments

The San Francisco-based startup, whose product will be generally available this month, makes a tool for MSPs that integrates their network assessments into their sales motion.

PITTSBURGH – While MSPs have excellent tools to do almost all aspects of their business, they do not have a good tool to simplify their sales motion by integrating network assessments smoothly into their sales processes. Zomentum, a young startup exhibiting at the Continuum Navigate event here, is looking to change that.

The company started a year and a half ago. They were originally branded as ChannelForce, a name which incurred the wrath of Salesforce, which resulted in the name change. They are well-funded by Accel Ventures.

Shruti Ghatge, the CEO and one of the two founders, has previously worked at enterprise capital providers. This is her first CEO opportunity. Her co-founder, Rahil Shah, has an engineering background with Twitter and Rubrik, and is the CTO. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with their R&D in Bangalore.

“We are just announcing our product to the market now,” said Ted Roller, Zomentum’s channel chief. “Our beta is in progress, and we will hit General Availability this month.”

Zomentum set out to solve a specific problem in the MSP sales process.

“MSPs haven’t had any tools created that specifically drive their sales motions,” Roller said. “Every MSP fills their sales funnel, but they don’t have a tool to manage it. They typically do an assessment on the way in, but there are zero tools in the CRM space that have a network assessment tool as their core to drive the entire sales engagement.”

The result, Roller said, is a time-wasting process where MSPs cut and paste material from their network assessment tool into their quoting tool.

“We set out to evaluate the MSP sales motion and create a product that enabled that sales motion, while adopting MSP sales best practices,” Roller stated. “It saves them so much time. Instead of having to cut and paste things into tools they do quotes with, we provide them with a sales-based assessment that they can click and drag into their proposal.”

At this stage, Roller said that Zomentum’s primary competition is existing inefficient sales processes.

“Most MSPs don’t understand the problems of sales processes,” he noted. “They cobble together some kind of sales funnel management tool with some quoting tool and an assessment tool, which costs them to spend way too much time on it. Sales efficiency is the bane of MSPs. Their tools, from their PSAs, are very efficient. But they are not efficient from a sales perspective.”

Roller said that at shows, when the product is explained to them, MSPs typically have an ‘aha’ moment, seeing how it would manage and improve the way that they actually sell. One MSP at Navigate said that this would save them an hour on each sale.

“It takes time out of the sales process,” Roller said. “The quicker you can allow a customer to make a decision. the more likely that decision is to be yes.”

Zomentum also has a built-in community, which lets MSPs measure their own sales efforts anonymized data from the MSP community, and will allow them to partner with another Zomentum partners.

“It will let them do things like share proposal templates and grow from each other’s efforts,” Roller stated. “We think this will appeal to MSPs who cant afford something like HTG. We think it will have a huge impact on how MSPs sell, because it will allow them to collaborate.”

Roller said that the Zomentum tool is a good fit for MSPs of all sizes.

“We see it as very broad in appeal, but we have priced it with the sub 3-person MSP in mind,” he indicated. “We have to help the small guys, so they become big guys.”

Roller said that the product has been designed to be super-easy to integrate with RMMs, and that the goal is to build out as broad a network here as possible.

“We are already integrated with ConnectWise, Datto, and Kaseya,” he said. “We do not yet have a Continuum integration, but we will open that door quickly. We will spend so much time and effort on integration. We will integrate with everyone who wants us.”

Roller said that Zomentum has a massive event schedule planned for 2020.

“We will be everywhere, and speak to everyone,” he said. “Our objective at this event, and at these other events, is to introduce the channel to Zomentum.”