Komprise deepens relationship with AWS by being named Advanced Tier Technology Partner

Being named an Advanced Tier partner deepens the joint sales relationship between Komprise and AWS, provides access to co-marketing funds, and gives them a dedicated AWS partner manager.

Krishna Subramanian, COO of Komprise

LAS VEGAS – At the AWS re:Invent event in Vegas this week, data management vendor Komprise will be announcing that they have been named as an Advanced Tier Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN).  The extended relationship deepens their sales, marketing  and engineering relationship with AWS.

“This is its exciting, having a closer relationship with AWS, which will add value for our joint customers,” said Krishna Subramanian, COO of Komprise.

Komprise makes a data analytics-driven data management solution, which analyzes and indexes metadata in a scale-out adaptive architecture across any NAS, NFS, SMB/CIFS and Cloud/REST/S3 storage. It’s an intelligent solution, that learns from the customer’s environment, doesn’t interfere with their use of their storage, and automates active archive, replication and data management strategies to significantly reduce costs. Last month they announced their Fall update, Version 2.6, which added full lifecycle management abilities, as well as the ability to confine defined data to make it invisible without deleting it, and the ability to build custom queries.

Subramanian said that Advanced Tier Technology Partner status is extremely meaningful for Komprise.

“It comes when they see traction with certain partners,” she said. “They then do a full architectural review, to make sure it fits with their metrics. It also means that we will be much more engaged with the Amazon team in sales and co-marketing, including greater co-operation with their sales teams. We now have a dedicated partner manager, and access to comarketing funds. There are more people now working with us and more funds available on all fronts. We will be working closely with their product teams as well.”

Komprise has been partnered with all the big cloud providers pretty much from the beginning.

“We look at what our customers want and prioritize based on that,” Subramanian said. “The public cloud will continue to be a ley part of customer strategy and we devote a lot of attention to that. In storage, one size never one size fits all, but it is common for the public cloud to be PART of their strategy. Every one is hybrid. Some are multicloud. So for us these partnerships are very important.”

The elevation of the AWS partnership brings it to the same level that Komprise has in their relationship with Google.

“Google doesn’t actually call it an Advanced Tier, but we have a tight relationship with them, where they fund joint marketing,” Subramanian  said. “We are also partnered with Microsoft Azure, but the relationship with them isn’t as deep as with the other two. That’s a goal, to get it to that level.”

Komprise will be showcasing its intelligent data management capabilities with AWS at AWS re:Invent 2017, Booth # 2907.