Juniper Reaches for the Clouds With New Program

Juniper channel chief Emilio Umeoka

Juniper channel chief Emilio Umeoka

Juniper Networks is looking to take a piece of the burgeoning cloud market and is introducing a new channel program and the capabilities of its software defined network (SDN) technology as the means for getting it.

The new Juniper Partner Advantage Cloud program gives channel partners the technology, training, materials, services and support for building and maintaining cloud infrastructures based on Juniper’s networking infrastructure.

“Juniper Networks ‘Juniper Partner Advantage Cloud’ specialization reinforces our commitment to network innovation that addresses broader technology trends, and supporting and delivering new revenue opportunities for our partners within the cloud marketplace by leveraging Juniper Networks products, solutions and resources,” said Emilio Umeoka, senior vice president of Worldwide Partners at Juniper Networks.

Of particular importance to the new Juniper cloud effort is SDN, the technology that enables virtualized network infrastructure to be quickly deployed, managed and updated independently of the underlying hardware technology. Juniper is incenting partners with SDN capabilities, as well as core network and security certifications, to extend into the cloud program by offering market development funds, product discounts and rebates.

The cloud program is open to all partners, but Juniper is targeting three specific types: cloud systems integrators, cloud service providers and cloud infrastructure partners. The focus on integrators and infrastructure partners indicates Juniper sees a lot of headroom in the private cloud market built and supported by solution providers.

Cloud service providers — everyone from hosting companies to telecommunications companies to application service providers with their own infrastructure — are a separate breed. The company is carving out a special place within its channel program, recognizing these partners are standardizing on its technology rather than reselling it. The intent, it seems, is to encourage the use of Juniper products as a value proposition within its services to end users.

The Juniper Partner Advantage Cloud is the latest attempt by Juniper Networks to ignite a cloud program within its channel. Over the past several years, Juniper has made several efforts to appeal to cloud providers and systems integrators to use its technology as a foundational infrastructure layer. While Juniper is a player in the cloud market and the development of its SDN technology aids in building cloud infrastructure, the company and its partners remain focused on conventional network and security installations.

The company’s cloud program has all the trappings to appeal to solution providers and service providers. The larger question: Can a program for service and solution providers exist under the same umbrella, and how will Juniper and partners drive the value message through two distinctly different channels?