eFolder Weighs Anchor for File-Sharing

eFolder is purchasing AnchoreFolder is making a big, bold move in the backup segment by acquiring file synchronization software and service provider Anchor. While many cloud-based backup vendors are moving to include file-sharing and collaboration features, eFolder is laying claim to being first to have a holistic offering.

The acquisition was announced this morning; terms of the deal are undisclosed. Ted Hulsy, vice president of marketing, says the combined company will have 1,600 transacting partners; 1,250 providing backup and 350 file-sharing. Anchor’s applications and services will be available to all existing eFolder partners.

“MSPs want it all — cloud file sync features that business users demand, vast amounts of cloud storage, multi-tenant management and branding, security and HIPAA compliance, PSA integration, wholesale pricing that leads to big margins, and a vendor that is deeply committed to the channel and won’t compete directly. eFolder and Anchor are now uniquely positioned to deliver it all,” said Kevin Hoffman, CEO of eFolder.

The combination of file backup and file synchronization/share isn’t new. In fact, many smaller end users confuse the capabilities and functionality of file sharing services like Dropbox with the backup services provided by companies such as eFolder. In some cases, the overlap is distinct, as companies such as Mozy and Carbonite are backup, but do allow users to access cloud-based files from multiple devices.

Many cloud backup vendors envision adding file-sharing and synchronization to their offerings. The two services are complementary, as one protects data against corruption and lose; the other enables files to be remotely accessed across multiple devices while providing a limited degree of data survivability.

Anchor is different from the likes of Box and Dropbox as it gives service providers choice in how they adopt and market file-sharing. Anchor allows solution providers to resell their hosted services or to adopt the software for standing up an independent, privately branded service.

“Anchor software solves key security challenges for our clients, delivers powerful management features that are essential to our MSP business model, and has become a highly profitable new recurring revenue stream for us,” said Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions in Mobile, Alabama, a longtime eFolder and recently new Anchor partner.

eFolder may be able to lay claim to being the first backup vendor with file-sharing capabilities, but it won’t be the last. Solution providers can expect other vendors to follow suit in the near future as demand for more features and business-enabling functions are placed on backup vendors.