One Identity fills out IAM portfolio, strengthens midmarket presence with OneLogin acquisition

OneLogIn brings a full cloud-based MFA authentication solution to the One Identity platform, something that they did not have previously.

Bhagwat Swaroop, President and General Manager of One Identity

One Identity, the identity security-focused business unit of Quest Software, has announced the competition of the acquisition of Identity Access Management (IAM) solution vendor OneLogIn. The deal, which was agreed to four weeks ago, is being announced now that it has closed, and today was the first day of operations for the combined company.

“Our focus at One Identity has been providing end-to-end market-leading security solutions to customers,” said Bhagwat Swaroop, President and General Manager of One Identity. “Gartner recognizes us as a leader in Identity Governance and Administration [IGA] and Privileged Access Management [PAM], and while Active Directory Management and Security [ADMS] solutions are not a Gartner category, we are generally recognized as a leader there as well. We were not, however leaders in IAM.”

One Identity did sell IAM solutions before, and Swaroop said that they were significant, but they were also very focused, albeit on that critical ADMS market.

“We have a host of solutions around Active Directory security – which 95% of the world continues to use,” Swaroop said. “We will continue to sell them, because of the need for a layered defense. “However, with OneLogin, we are getting a cloud-based MFA authentication solution. It will not be just one of a collection of products, but will be integrated into our One Identity Unified Identity Security Platform. From a customer perspective, they can expect quicker time to value because of this out-of-the-box integration.”

The platform provides the ability to get all the different identity solutions talking with each other, and working with each other, to close gaps attackers can exploit.

“No longer should identity be fragmented,” Swaroop stated. “That’s what bad guys rely on – systems that don’t talk to each other and let bad guys log in through the cracks. This kind of system is prepared to deal with those situations.”


OneLogIn is an established company, which was created in 2009 and formally launched in 2010. For years they sold mainly direct, with a small channel, and mainly to SMBs, until they made a strategic redirection to change both in 2018. Matt Hurley was brought in them as Vice President of Global Channels, Strategic Alliances and Professional Services, to both expand channel business and drive it upmarket. His promotion in 2020 to Chief Revenue Officer indicates they had success in meeting those goals.

“The One Identity install base is primarily large enterprise, although we do have midmarket customers,” Swaroop noted. “OneLogIn has been steadily moving up in the market. Initially, SMB was a large part of their revenue, and now it’s a smaller part. They did that by working with channel partners and MSPs, and now they have a lot of enterprise and midmarket customers. Given that, our existing channel partners can bundle the solution and also take this new IAM solution into their same set of accounts We now have a full best of breed platform, which makes it easy for partners to align around our platform. Nobody else in the industry has what we have today.”

This fit makes the acquisition very complementary to One Identity’s existing Go-to-Market strategy.

“We were both were talking to the same buyers before, with the same selling motion and addressing the same problems,” Swaroop said. “This provides another addition to the partner toolkit. What has changed is that we are much more strategic to the CISO now. It also gives us the ability to take One Identity solutions like PAM more broadly into the midmarket, because OneLogIn has built a very efficient model there.”

Swaroop is confident that the One Identity PAM solutions will be a good fit broadly in the midmarket, notwithstanding their having originally been designed as enterprise products.

“In the last 12 months, the SolarWinds and Kaseya breaches have shown that everyone is a target,” he said. “Combined with regulatory compliance requirements, this has produced very sharp acceleration is our PAM product line in all its market segments. Smaller customers need a SaaS solution for this, and our redesigned next gen Pam solution, Safeguard, spans the spectrum.”

The acquisition brings approximately 360 OneLogIn channel partners to join the thousands of existing One Identity partners.

“There is a fair bit of overlap between the channels,” Swaroop said. “The OneLogIn channel includes MSPs, AWS around the co-sell program, and national and regional partners. One Identity does a lot more work with GSIs. We also don’t do SMB, but that is a smaller part for them as well at this point.”