Anywhere operations model offers new opportunities for channel partner growth

Mike McCracken, Regional Sales Manager, ViewSonic Corp.

The blending of virtual and physical operations, spurred by the pandemic of the last year and a half, isn’t going away. In fact, fluidity is becoming a long-term strategy for success. This is opening up new revenue opportunities for the channel, particularly in the area of collaboration solutions.

Even as workplaces and schools welcome back some employees and students, the hybrid model remains firmly in place with a flexible, “anywhere operations” approach to work and digital learning. This creates an even more dynamic environment for VARs and IT managers who are striving to drive productivity, while enhancing security and creating high-quality user experiences through a mix of virtual and in-person connections. For resellers and systems integrators armed with the right collaboration technologies and support, this continued hybrid evolution will allow them to bring greater value to their customers, aiding them as they transition their environments.

Grand & Toy, one of ViewSonic’s fastest-growing national partners, is leading the way when it comes to providing a more consultative approach to its customers embracing hybrid work and learning.

“Today, the ‘V’ in VAR is more important than ever,” says Zameer Hussain, head of technology sales, service and strategy at Grand & Toy. “It’s about how we support our customers along their journey to anywhere operations through better process and planning, and understanding their longer-term strategy.”

Acceleration of digital transformation being fueled by the shift to hybrid

According to Gartner, the shift to anywhere operations is causing demand for collaborative technology to accelerate, adding proverbial rocket fuel to digital transformation initiatives. 

By the end of 2023, Gartner predicts that 40 percent of organizations will have moved to anywhere operations to increase productivity and customer reach. A “digital-first, remote-first” approach, anywhere operations recognizes that while the physical workspace has its place it must be digitally enhanced. 

Employees want this blended approach too. According to Statistics Canada, only 9 percent of Canadian workers want to work exclusively from the office post-pandemic. The majority, 41 percent, want to see a 50/50 split between time spent working from home and the office.

As businesses and educators adapt their long-term strategies to support this fluid mix of remote and on-site operations, technology that connects people wherever they are, becomes the critical enabler. Interactive visual solutions that promote dynamic content creation and collaboration are crucial to supporting productivity and engaging people from the corporate office to the home office, and everywhere in between.

An expanded partner program to support growth 

Recognizing the emerging opportunity for our partners to support customers during this transition, we recently expanded our ViewSonic Partner Program, to make it easier to achieve growth – at every stage of business. In addition to new financial rewards and incentives, we’ve added powerful new sales enablement tools, such as one click booking for online demos, digital resources, along with tiered financial incentives available through an easy-to-use partner portal. 

Earlier this year, we conducted a survey of our partners to capture their input on what was most important. Their feedback enabled us to prioritize very specific partner program features. For example, 92 percent highlighted the need for on-demand virtual or in-person demos that can be booked 24-7 – a finding that helped us optimize our new online demo program.  When we conduct these demos with potential end users it is usually alongside our reseller partner, which reinforces the importance of our reseller partnerships.  

There’s never been a better time to join the ViewSonic Partner Program. From our new demo program to an easy-to-use portal that gives partners access to product resources, financial incentives and rebates. We believe it ranks among the best in the industry.

Grand & Toy and ViewSonic:  Shared focus on customer experience and business outcomes

Grand & Toy has been tapping into the partner program enhancements to help guide its customers to the collaboration technologies they need to remain productive while embracing new operating models.

“Grand & Toy has thousands of partners, in a variety of different spaces. Those we work with most effectively are, like us, the ones that are focused on the customer experience, and achieving the outcomes customers expect,” Hussain says.

“Culturally and from a commitment standpoint, Grand & Toy and ViewSonic share those same ideals. ViewSonic is an extension to our team, not just a manufacturing partner.”

With the acceleration of digital transformation across all sectors, fueled by hybrid work and education models, simplicity is key. Hussain says the simplified digital tools and support available through the portal have accelerated Grand & Toy’s ability to help its customers transform their businesses.

“It lets us help get customer visual environments up in hours rather than days, reducing our time to revenue and — together —taking care of them in the best possible way.”

To learn more about the features and benefits of the ViewSonic Partner Program or to join, visit our website. Find out how ViewSonic’s solution breadth, channel-first partner program and best-in-class service can help you tap into emerging opportunities around collaboration and anywhere operations.