Teradici refreshes, updates, integration program with Teradici Advantage Partner Program

Teradici looks to deepen their strategic integrations with a refresh of an old program to both deepen integration resources and provide Go-to-Market assistance.

Vancouver-based Teradici, the creator and provider of the PCoIP [PC over IP] protocol, has announced the formal launch of the Teradici Advantage Partner Program [TAPP]. TAPP is a refresh of the Teradici technology partner program designed to both promote third party remoting solutions using their Cloud Access Software and its integrated PCoIP technology, and to help take those solutions to market.

“We have a couple of different partner programs,” said Alissa Poon, Teradici’s Director of Marketing. “We have a traditional registered reseller program, with deal registration and with sales and marketing tools. But this is a different type of program where we enable MSPs, ISVs, SIs and OEMs to leverage our PCoIP in order to create their own products and services.”

Teradici has had this type of integration program in the past, but TAPP is a supercharged version of the prior one.

“We have a history of collaborating with partners on integration projects,” Poon said. “We established a program several years back that allowed partners to integrate. This is a refresh and updating of that program. The old program was not as sophisticated as what we have today, and was about letting these partners leverage a smaller set of SDKs.”

TAPP provides broader access to the PCoIP technology, through Teradici SDKs and APIs. PCoIP uses advanced display compression in virtual workspace architecture that compresses, encrypts and transmits only pixels to provide end users access to virtual machines through a broad range of software clients, mobile clients, thin clients and stateless PCoIP Zero Clients. However TAPP also provides multi-faceted support for partner companies’ Go-to-Market efforts as well as the integration.

“We have a dedicated team to support the partners that join this program,” Poon indicated. “A lot of that comes in the form of helping develop the best product for their target market. We can also aid with support from our Developer Support Team or Professional Services team, and marketing can help them develop the right materials and strategy for their Go-To-Market. We really try to position it as a program that helps build, deploy and deliver.”

Partners in the program include the BeBop cloud media and entertainment platform, secure cloud VDI provider Tehama, and content creation provider Avid.

“Right now, we have about a dozen partners in the program, with a smaller number of those who have put products into market,” Poon said.

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