Citrix channel chief on why Workspace update is “the most exciting thing I’ve seen come out of this company”

Craig Stillwell, senior vice president of channel sales, Citrix

At this year’s Citrix Synergy, the company outlined its plan for a new Citrix Workspace, one that creates a single feed of actionable work from the various SaaS and cloud applications and tools the average worker uses. The company has lofty goals for the product, due to launch in the fourth quarter of this year, saying it has the potential to return a workday of productivity each week to the average worker.

We chatted with Citrix global channel chief Craig Stillwell to get his thoughts on the upcoming launch, which he describes as “the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen come out of this company,” and the opportunity for the company’s partners.

We discuss:

  • why workspace will take Citrix to a much broader customer base than application and desktop virtualization;
  • the kinds of services he sees partners offering around Workspace;
  • why it has the potential to be “the ultimate different-maker” for businesses;
  • the role of ISVs and other types of partners new to Citrix in the Workspace ecosystem;
  • the company’s partner training plans around Workspace;
  • the part of analytics in the software; and
  • the evolution of the subscription business for Citrix and its partners.

All that and more in this edition of the Podcast.


Robert Dutt

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