Liongard adds Datto Autotask PSA integration, with more integrations on the way

Liongard has provided roundabout integration with Autotask through their existing integration with IT Glue, but the integration streamlines the process, and provides access to Autotask customers who don’t use IT Glue.

Houston-based Liongard, which launched in 2015, makes automated documentation software that speeds up ingestion of data into documentation platforms and other software systems in the MSP space. They have made a significant addition to the solutions supported by their Roar platform, with Datto Autotask PSA.

“This is a brand new integration which has been a long time coming,” said Vincent Tran, Liongard’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our primary mission is to listen to our customers. Autotask kept coming up.”

Datto Autotask is Liongard’s second PSA integration following ConnectWise, and their third in total with IT Glue, the market leader in the MSP documentation space,  being the other. Liongard has steadily grown the number of MSPs they work with, and is now pushing 300 MSPs. Between 10 and 15 per cent of them are already Datto MSPs, and they repeatedly asked Liongard to complete an Autotask integration.

Tran explained how, since Liongard hasn’t had an Autotask integration until now, they are already working with Autotask MSPs.

“A lot of Autotask users also use IT Glue,” Tran said. “We have been able to tap into that to get a faster integration with Roar. The partners we have who leverage IT Glue don’t use the Autotask configurations as much. But the MSPs who don’t use IT Glue were strongly pushing for this, so that they didn’t have to go through a third party.”

Liongard has two levels of connectivity with third party software. They use system inspectors to reach out to third party software and bring back information on them. They have many of these inspector links, including one to the Datto continuity suite. They recently completed one with Webroot, and one with StorageCraft is about to be released to technical preview.

“The platform integration is much deeper, and involves the ticketing and PSA side of things,” Tran said. This one starts with importing and mapping Datto Autotask PSA accounts. As each account is added, customer web domains and TLS/SSL certificates are automatically discovered. The results will let Datto partners immediately leverage Roar, while determining which of the dozens of additional Roar system inspectors will be deployed over time.

The Roar automation platform itself addresses MSPs’ lack of visibility by automating the collection of system configuration data and documenting it over time. It gives MSPs visibility beyond the endpoint and into critical on-premises apps, the network stack, and cloud services. An integration lets Roar assess system configurations continuously to provide information on users, expiration dates, misconfigurations and other issues. As these issues are discovered, tickets are generated in Datto Autotask PSA, to let MSPs address them as early as possible.

The next full integration will be with Kaseya VSA.

“We presently support some Kaseya MSP partners through the same roundabout integration through IT Glue that we have had with Autotask,” Tran said. “The plan is to have the Kaseya integration ready for Kaseya Connect, which is May 6-9.”

Several other full integrations are on the roadmap for later in the year.

“This year we are also working closely on an integration with BrightGauge, , which Continuum acquired in January,” Tran indicated. “They make reporting dashboards, and that’s an important one there.”

Two IT Glue documentation software competitors are on the roadmap.

“We have been talking with Passportal, waiting for their APIs to be ready, and also ITBoost,” Tran said.

“Later this year, we will be exploring an integration with ServiceNow, as well as with ConnectWise’s Automate RMM platform,” Tran added.