Rubrik Alta 4.1 brings Azure functionality up to AWS level

Data management vendor Rubrik also adds support for the Google Cloud Platform, extends their AWS support, and improves management security for MSPs.

Arvind Nithrakashyap, Rubrik’s CTO

Palo Alto-based Rubrik, which rebranded its cloud data management platform as Alta with their last major release in June, has now released the 4.1 version of Rubrik Alta. While all three major public clouds receive some love with this release, the major advances relate to Microsoft support. It includes support for Microsoft Azure Stack, and for CloudOn for Microsoft Azure. Integration with the Google Cloud Platform has also been accomplished, and AWS extended, including support for the Glacier cloud.

“With Alta 4.1 we are deepening our cloud portfolio,” said Arvind Nithrakashyap, CTO of Rubrik. “In 4.1, we are introducing the same level of functionality for Azure that we did for AWS in 4.0.”

With 4.1, Rubrik becomes one of the first data management vendors to announce support for Microsoft’s new private cloud offering, Azure Stack.

“Microsoft provides Azure Stack as a way to have a Azure-like platform on-prem to provide a seamless experience,” Nithrekashyap said. Rubrik support for Azure Stack allows users to easily migrate applications from Azure Stack to Azure and accelerate test/development of on-premises and cloud applications.

In Alta 4.0. Rubrik CloudOn instantiation services supported AWS, providing “server-less” conversion of VMs to cloud instances.

“In Alta 4.1 we have extended CloudOn services to Azure,” Nithrekashyap stated. “This is another key update here, supporting full instantiation services for all Microsoft apps. CloudOn functionality allows movement from the data center to the Azure cloud, or back to Azure Stack.” This lowers the costs of disaster recovery and test/development in the public cloud by utilizing cloud services only when needed.

Rubrik also extended support for both the AWS and Google platforms.

“We have added support for all classes of Google Cloud Storage,” Nithrekashyap indicated. This includes Nearline, Coldline, Multi-Regional, and Regional.

“Customers told us that they wanted Google as the next one we supported.”

No definite plans to add support for additional clouds like IBM and Oracle are on the roadmap.

“We will look at adding others based on the views of the customer base,” Nithrekashyap noted.

Rubrik 4.1 completes Rubrik’s AWS support with the addition of the Amazon Glacier archiving cloud, as well as for all AWS government infrastructure offerings from AWS, including advanced secure services like Commercial Cloud Services (C2S).

Finally, 4.1 improved support for MSPs by improving management security for multi-tenant organizations by adding secure, exclusive access to data management services in a hybrid cloud environment. Administrators can now assign granular permissions to managed objects to accelerate the self-service delivery of protection policies, recoveries, and analytics reporting across a multi-cloud environment.

“Managed services are a rapidly growing part of our business,” Nithrekashyap said. “We announced our partner program for MSPs a month ago, and have responded to feedback to provide a solution that’s extremely simple for them to manage.”

Rubrik Alta 4.1 is available now.