GMS Live Expert partners with Kaseya to provide exclusive help desk services

GMS Live Expert will provide Kaseya’s MSPs access to their help desk services, in a deal that covers Kaseya’s main VSA platform, as well as their BMS PSA offering and NOC operations.

Dan Goldstein, GMS Live Expert’s Director of Channel Strategy

Last week at the Kaseya Connect 2017 event, the RMM provider and GMS Live Expert announced a significant new partnership, which will see the latter’s outsourced Help Desk services made available to Kaseya’s MSP customers.

GMS Live Expert is the MSP-focused division of Global Mentoring Solutions, a Unionville ON-based company which has been offering outsourced help desk services for almost 20 years.  The MSP division has a large contract providing the Level 2 and 3 support for Bell Canada, but apart from that, most of their MSPs are actually in the U.S., with a minority being in Canada.

GMS Live Expert has been aggressively attempting to grow its MSP base over the last year, and expects that Kaseya deal to help significantly in this regard.

“We are RMM and PSA agnostic, and our MSP partners use all kinds of these, so we have built integrations with all of them,” said Dan Goldstein, GMS Live Expert’s Director of Channel Strategy. “Now with Kaseya, we have gone further. They have a great NOC tool, but didn’t want to create a help desk tool, so we have built integrations with their teams and their processes to provide access to our Help Desk Team.”

The agreement covers Kaseya’s flagship VSA RMM solution, as well as their BMS PSA platform and their  NOC operations.

“It is an exclusive relationship,” Goldstein said. “They have relationships with other help desk technologies, but we are the only services relationship. We are also talking about how we can fit with other technologies Kaseya is offering. They have all kinds of different tools – network management and otherwise.”

GMS Live Expect won the Kaseya business through a competition.

“They got our name from one of our strategic partners, and reached out to us,” Goldstein stated. “We were short listed very quickly, and chosen quickly. They wanted someone who would fit in easily with their processes, so that they didn’t have to change everything to accommodate the help desk service provider.”

Goldstein emphasized they are able to provide the same degree of flexibility to MSPs.

“We have MSPs on both a per seat and per ticket basis,” he said. “Some use us just after hours, or on weekends –  whatever is needed. We don’t demand the ability to provide 100 per cent of front line support. We can fit with whatever they want.”

GMS Live Expert’s Help Desk support with Kaseya is presently in beta, and they have begun to enroll additional partners beyond the beta ones.

“We expect to sign up a significant number of Kaseya’s partners,” Goldstein said. “We believe that we can get in in some capacity with the majority of their partner base.”

This is the first such partnering with a major RMM vendor for GMS Live Expert, and Goldstein indicated that while at some point more such relationships might fit with their strategy, for now their attention here will be devoted to Kaseya.

“We are very focused on making sure this relationship works well, and hope to get even more deeply involved with Kaseya,” he said.