Masergy sees new Cloud Contact Center solution as entrée to enterprise

The new offering complements Masergy’s established Unified Communication as a Service solution, and may also prompt some customers using that solution to switch to this one.

Dallas-based managed networking and cloud services provider Masergy has announced the availability of its Cloud Contact Center, an omni-channel customer interaction solution.

The Cloud Contact Center is a new offering for Masergy, but it will complement Masergy’s Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) solution, which has only an inbound call centre component, and make it stronger in the enterprise space.

“Our UCaaS solution and this new contact centre solution are fully integrated,” said Dean Manzoori, Masergy’s Vice President of Product Management for UCaaS. “There’s no separation between them at all. They are embedded in the fabric of the network. That’s important because in the past, with just the UCaaS, we found that we had a gap in our solution when we went to the enterprise. We would find that one in three customers had a sophisticated contact centre need. While we could provide the UCaaS, we would have to stay agnostic when it came to the contact centre. Now we have both, all integrated, with one support call for all.”

That will make Masergy a stronger player in the enterprise space.

Dean Manzoori, Masergy’s Vice President of Product Management for UCaaS

“We see our existing customer base as our primary target for this new offering, but there are many opportunities in the enterprise where we haven’t been a strong player,” Manzoori said. “90 per cent of the enterprise still belongs to the traditional on-premises vendors. With this new solution, we think we have a more cost effective solution that is ready to go, and because it’s on our network, we can guarantee an outcome.”

The omni-channel Cloud Contact Center lets customers contact the call centre by voice, web chat, SMS, email and Twitter feeds, which the agents respond to from a single screen, using the familiar Salesforce interface. It dynamically determines how best to route each customer interaction based on predictive analytics for segmenting, profiling and visualizing all automated call distribution, voice response, CRM and other customer interaction data. It can all be used for the easy creation of interactive charts that indicate agent performance.

“The analytics can determine in terms of talk time and resolved tickets who the most effective agents are, in real time, so high-value customers can be directed to them,” Manzoori said. “You can also feed other streams of data like CRM or ticketing systems, into the engine as well.”

Approximately 70 per cent of Masergy’s business goes through channel partners, and the company sees Cloud Contact Center as a strong channel product.

“We see new opportunities in the enterprise for this, as well as among our install base,” Manzoori stated. “We think some of our existing customers will determine that this better suits their needs, and will migrate from UCaaS to this.”