Pax8 adds Jennifer Bodell as Emerging Channel director to strengthen communities ties

Cloud-focused distributor Pax8 sees IT trade association events as ideal grounds to talk with partners and add productive new ones, and Bodell’s hire both strengthens their presence at them and provides the channel with more evidence of their commitment.

Jennifer Bodell, Pax8’s Director of Emerging Channel

Cloud-based distributor Pax8 has announced a significant new hire with the appointment of Jennifer Bodell as Director of Emerging Channel. Bodell, who reports to Nick Heddy, Vice President of Sales, will cover a range of sales and marketing activities, but a key element of her role will be to further develop Pax8’s relationships with IT communities.

Bodell joined Pax8 two weeks ago, and her position is a new one, signifying a new stage in the company’s go-to-market strategy.

“It’s about the growth in the company’s development,” said Ryan Walsh, senior vice president of Partner Solutions at Pax8. “Pax8 is making a lot of noise in the market and we want to further that momentum, We have always seen the need for a different way to approach and help the channel community, and the need for innovative programs to speak to the channel community.”

Bodell, who had previously been channel marketing manager at StorageCraft, had developed contacts with Heddy when they met at an ASCII show.

“At this time, I was interested in building a relationship between StorageCraft and Pax8, because we were going after the same types of partners,” Bodell said.” My role at Pax8 is a hybrid position between sales and marketing. I’m under sales, but also work with the marketing team. My whole goal is to make sure I’m the ear on the ground for partners, and make sure we deliver resources to them.

“Jenn isn’t just on the sales side of the house,” said Jeremy Yoder, Pax8’s VP of Marketing. Perhaps more than anyone else in the sales group, she interacts with marketing, and has a lot of influence in how we put together programs and how we communicate with partners. We think that she is unequalled in the channel in terms of her relationships with partners.”

A critical part of Bodell’s role will be talking with partners – existing and prospective – at the trade industry’s many shows, particularly those with a focus on the SMB part of the spectrum which is Pax8’s emphasis.

“My focus this year is developing relations with these groups like HTG, ASCII, Robin Robins and CompTIA,” she said. “I will work with those SMB community groups, which are a stepping stone to enabling new partners. At StorageCraft I created a new Partner Advisory Board, and know the importance of listening to partners. I’m committed to getting Pax8 partners onboarded, enabled and transacting. Pax8 is all about partner success.”

“The Emerging nature in her job title is significant, because it’s being at those communities, where you can capture what’s going on,” Walsh said. “As we continue towards building a program that’s really innovative, you need to listen to what’s being said there.”

Walsh said a strong and consistent presence at these associations is critical to expand their channel with active partners

“We have a thousand partners today, and we want to double that, but we want to do so with active partners,” Walsh added. “We don’t want to just sign people up and move on. That’s a part of Jennifer’s role and she will help us with that. We have learned that being at ASCII and other shows is critical for us. We need to be there. Jennifer’s hire will help us do that systematically. It also shows the channel we are committed and not going away.

Bodell will also play a key role as Pax8 rolls out its new channel program.

“The program is being rolled out in phases, with the first phase next month focusing on helping partners market to their end customers,” Yoder said. “Beyond that at the next phase, we will be helping partners achieve higher levels of revenue.”

“I will be able to provide input on that second phase,” Bodell indicated. “I will get feedback from partners at shows about what they want to see in a distribution partner program, and that feedback will be reflected in future enhancements to the program.”