Atera adds to ecosystem with Splashtop, Webroot integrations

Joint RMM/PSA vendor Atera, which has seen a strong first year in North America, looks to boost momentum with two new partnerships.


Gil Pekelman, Atera’s CEO

Atera, which makes a joint RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) and PSA (Professional Services Automation) platform, has announced its further enhancement with two new integrations. Splashtop, which makes a cross-screen access, support, and collaboration offering, is being integrated directly into Atera’s platform, and will be free of charge to its users. Security software vendor Webroot’s offering will be available for a small monthly charge per user.

While the full Atera solution was available in Europe and Israel last year, they only brought it into the North American market this January, touting the disruptive simplicity of their integrated platform, as well as their low prices compared to the market.

“Since we came into North America, business has been better than anything we could have imagined,” said Gil Pekelman, Atera’s CEO. “Being high-tech entrepreneurs we always dream very big, and have unrealistic forecasts, but it has been going very well.”

Pekelman said they have been signing up a large number of MSPs.

“Some of them we are taking away from the legacy players, but we are also getting some who are first- time MSPs, because this is only $89 a month for both RMM and PSA and this is the first such solution they can afford,” he said.

“We are getting feedback from the market that we are doing is totally disruptive,” Pekelman added. “Because we are only 20 to 30 per cent of the cost of a legacy offering, it completely changes the model for the MSP. It’s also a whole different level of technology because it’s pure cloud, pure SaaS, and very easy to use, and with no need for RMM/PSA integration because it’s a single code. We have been getting noise in social media and that kind of feeds itself. MSPs try, and they buy within a week.”

Building out the ecosystem by adding more vendors to the platform is a key and necessary part of the strategy, Pekelman said.

“The community is guiding us in terms of what they want in the ecosystem,” he stated. “The focus has been nailing down the ransomware issue as much as possible. They can activate mail security, endpoint security, online backup, all with the click of a button.”

Splashtop provides a cross-screen productivity, support, and collaboration experience, bridging smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, and clouds, allowing remote access with no delay and seamless connectivity across any network. They don’t sell through a traditional reseller model, but have been making a large number of partnerships like this one as their route to market, both with RMMs and other types of vendors.

“We talked with all the major companies in the space, but we liked a few things about Splashtop,” Pekelman said. “They are very easily integrated and their integration is seamless – you just click on a button. They are also new in the market and disruptive, so there was an immediate connection between us in that respect. We do have integration with Citrix Go To Assist, which is one where there is an additional cost per user, but we wanted Splashtop inside our product.”

Webroot, the other new partner, is much better known in the channel. The anti-virus provider complements another Atera partnership with German email security vendor Avira. It is available for $USD 1.20 per end-point license per month.