OnX adds two IT Service Management offerings to its Managed Services division

OnX Managed Services is a fast-growing part of the solution provider’s business, which now accounts for almost 40 per cent of its earnings.

Wayne Kiphart OnX

Wayne Kiphart, President of OnX Managed Services

Toronto-based solution provider OnX Enterprise Solutions has launched two new IT Service Management offerings for its OnX Managed Services division – Service Desk Support and Service Management Software.

“Our customers are really pushing us to support their IT operations, and want these processes pushed into their organization,” said Wayne Kiphart, President of OnX Managed Services. “OnX has supported Fortune 1000 companies for years, but we also have many mid-market companies as customers, companies with revenues starting at about $200 million, and these services are particularly important for this market.”

The Service Desk Support offering provides desktop support from a team of help desk personnel to resolve incidents quickly. Service Desk Support is customizable, allowing alerts, tickets, workflow and escalation procedures to be tailored to a client’s specific needs. It is also available in different levels of support.

The Service Management Software offering is a platform that lets a client’s IT support team receive and capture incidents, create tickets, isolate problems, and assess incidents for fast resolution. It provides 24×7 support and trending analytics to identify operational bottlenecks, set key performance indicators and improve delivery. It can be purchased along with Service Desk Support or as a standalone service.

Both Service Desk Support and Service Management Software are white labelled offerings, based on global ITIL best practices. They join a stable of offerings that include traditional dedicated private hosting, multi-tenant managed cloud solutions for enterprise production infrastructure, data backup and recovery services, remote monitoring and management capabilities, network and device support, and hosted Exchange and SharePoint.

OnX Managed Services was created as a standalone company under OnX when OnX acquired Chicago-based managed services provider WorkNet in June 2013.

“OnX had offered managed services for about fifteen years, but when WorkNet was acquired, all the managed services were rolled into this new organization,” Kiphart said. “It is a becoming more of a contributor to the total OnX business every day, with 20 per cent of revenue and almost 40 per cent of earnings.”

While the Managed Services Division is American-based, a majority of the managed services revenue still comes from Canada.

“We have experienced large growth in the U.S., which is a much larger market, but we still have more revenue contributions from the Canadian part,” Kiphart said.

Other services are on the roadmap to be added in the future.

“We are working aggressively to get SAP HANA as a service out to market.” Kiphart said. “We work with a lot of SAP integrators, and the more we can take this to market as a service, the easier it is for our customers.”