D&H Canada to Donate to Alberta Flood Relief from Thursday’s Revenues

Greg Tobin

D&H Canada GM Greg Tobin

D&H Canada has announced that it will donate one percent of its sales for this Thursday, July 4, to the Red Cross’ relief efforts for the floods in Alberta.

The distributor’s American parents has made such relief efforts in the past – the Harrisville, PA-based company donated in 2005 to the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina, and made a similar donation just last fall after Superstorm Sandy thrashed the New York area. But it’s the first time the company’s Canadian subsidiary has made such an effort.

“As much as it’s about raising some money for the victims of the flood, it’s about raising awareness across the channel and the community as well,” said Greg Tobin, general manager of D&H Canada.

While many Alberta cities and towns have been submerged by floods over the last week, Tobin said that the solution providers he’s talked to in the area are, for the most part, high and dry. But it’s anything but business as usual in the region, as floods have caused massive evacuations and estimates of damages run into the billions of dollars.

Ultimately, how much the distributor raises will depend on how many solution providers order on the 4th, what they order, and what the distributor’s availability is. But based on an average Thursday in the summer for D&H Canada, Tobin said he expects the company to be able to donate $10,000 “at the very least.”

He also said that given the magnitude of the losses in Alberta, the company’s D&H Cares charity committee will likely look at making additional donations later this year.

The distributor is also reaching out to the channel community and the community at large to match, in part or in whole, its contributions to the Red Cross, or to make their own donation in their own ways.

“We’re reaching out to as many people as we can, to do anything to champion the cause,” Tobin said.

Anyone can make donations through their bank, or directly via the Red Cross’ Canadian Web site.