All-in-ones cut the cord, not the performance

HP Elite 8300 All-in-OneSPONSORED CONTENT – In business, the PC is the hub of creativity, productivity, and efficiency. As the information station, it holds the tools needed to conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

While the convenience and flexibility of notebooks are appealing, desktops are dependable and don’t suffer the same wear and tear as their mobile counterparts. HP offers a broad range of desktops, designed to protect data, use less energy and accelerate business performance.

For many sectors, including government, healthcare, education, or retail, all-in-one desktop PCs make good businesses sense.

All-in-one PCs are desktops with monitors in one single, streamlined unit. They’re designed as a cost-, space-, and energy-efficient alternative to a traditional desktop-and-monitor combination.

All-in-ones are sleek, compact and offer fewer cords, providing up to 50 per cent more workspace. These non-traditional PCs are 10 per cent quieter and consume 18 per cent less energy than a regular computer. They’re also delivered with less waste, reducing shipping costs and providing a minimum saving of $16 per unit, per year – which adds up for businesses with multiple workstations.

According to IDC, all-in-one PCs are expected to grow in popularity, accounting for 27 per cent of worldwide desktop PC sales by 2016. In a recent U.S.-based commercial PC buyer study, IDC found that the purchase intent for all-in-ones was up across the range of small to large businesses.

Last month, HP expanded its all-in-one portfolio, introducing the HP Compaq Elite 8300 All-in-One, which is the company’s highest-quality unit, featuring adaptable security and management features. It’s powered by a third generation Intel Core i5 or i7 Processors, and a second generation core i3 processor.

This new option also includes touch-enabled solutions for business.

The 23-inch diagonal, high-definition (HD) display can be adjusted to portrait or landscape, is wall-mountable, and is ideal for customer-facing work areas, lobbies, or kiosks. The optional added-touch functionality has potential use in healthcare or education, allowing customers to conveniently enter personal data and helping students stay engaged.

Like traditional desktops, all-in-ones are built securely, enclosed in a durable chassis, and have customizable security modules that let business owners manage security for each desktop. Simple, centralized deployment through HP Protect Tools delivers defense features, such as data encryption, HP Face Recognition, HP Disk Sanitizer and HP File Sanitizer.

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